How To Refresh Your Bedroom For The New Year


It’s a new year, and it’s time to give your bedroom a new lease of life. January is your chance to declutter, deep clean and re-decorate. You could start fresh and remove everything from your existing bedroom – or make a few smaller changes instead. A new space can kickstart your motivation to achieve your 2022 goals. We all need some extra inspiration from time to time.

Follow this quick guide to transform your bedroom this year.

Deep clean

Take everything out of the room and start cleaning. Think about the areas you rarely clean – like behind your headboard, under the bed frame and on top of your wardrobe. Your room should look brand new by the time you’re done. Remember to clean inside your furniture and give all the drawers a quick wipe. If you find a broken piece of furniture, consider whether you need to replace it or fix it.

Refresh the décor

Trends come and go every year. You might have bought into the minimalist trend last year – and now everything feels a bit empty. It’s okay to change your mind and adapt your space to your new lifestyle. You could add plants, candles, wall hanging and photos to make a minimalist space feel more personal.

Update the furniture

Furniture is expensive and often difficult to replace. However, furniture can also make a huge difference to your room. You need to find the right size, style and price point.

Install some fitted wardrobes in your bedroom with a seamless design and genius storage system. It might be time to update some of the pieces in your home. You could go for a different material or look to update your space. Good quality furniture is worth the investment.

Incorporate smart technology

Smart technology can streamline your morning and even routine. You could buy a smart alarm clock that wakes you up with ambient lighting instead of a loud alarm. Or, you could invest in a smart thermostat so you can control the heating from your phone. Many people have digital assistants in their homes to play music, set timers, and more. You can ask your digital assistant to make a memo on your calendar without having to press a button.

Rethink your bedroom design this January and start the year on the right note. By February, you will feel organised and ready to tackle your new year’s resolutions. 


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