Useful DIY Home Decor Ideas That Can Spruce Up Your Bedroom


We all want our bedroom to look more beautiful. Gone are the days when people had plain bedrooms with no items on walls or kept some paintings up on the wall. Things have changed, and there are many ways to deck your bedroom without spending too much money or energy.

You want that your space reflects who you are as a person and reflect your nature, so decorate it accordingly. Nowadays, many new pieces of furniture are available in the market which can provide an elegant form to any room be it living room or even the bedroom.

As they say, beauty lies in simplicity. So keeping things simple makes them look more appealing and charming at the same time.

7 DIY Ideas For Bedroom Decor

Sleeping well is healthy and relaxing as it lets the body recover from all the fatigue and weariness of the day. Folks at sleep.8 believe that you can create a very soothing atmosphere in your bedroom by simply getting the right kind of furniture, beddings, lighting, and other decorative items that can help you relax after a tiring day. Here are some easy decorating ideas to give a new look to your bedroom:

1. DIY Bed Mats

Bed mats are the new trend these days which look good on beds. They provide an elegant form to your room and act as dust protectors for your bed if you do not want to use one under a sheet or duvet cover. Unlike regular mats, these come with straps on each corner through which the mat stays fixed at its place.

This prevents sliding around while you sleep, thus supporting your body. You can make beautiful bed mats using old clothes like sweaters or T-shirts, but make sure they are not very thick. Else it will be difficult for the mat to stay fixed onto the bed.

2. Hanging Chairs And Ottomans

Ottomans are another trendy but helpful addition to your room. They can serve as storage space for books, magazines, or pillows if you do not have too much space on the floor in your bedroom.

Hanging ottomans are bought in various forms with different shapes, which can be hung near the bed or even at a corner of the room, thus creating more space for sitting and storage purposes. They are available in many colors, patterns, and styles to perfectly match your requirements.

3. Books On Racks

Nothing beats a bedroom that looks homey and comfortable with a few significant collections of books that let your loved ones feel at home each time they come visiting you. There are many creative ways to keep their book collection displayed stylishly without making it look too messy or overcrowded.

You can buy several wooden racks from the market. You can place different baskets adding up your favorite literature to create an elegant yet functional space in your bedroom where everyone will love spending time.

4. DIY Chandelier

Chandeliers are also a prevalent form of adorning your bedroom as they give it an elegant look. You can either buy them from the market or make one by yourself using antique material you can find in your house so that your budget is not increased too much, and it also saves you time and energy needed to go around looking for new stuff.

People often use bottles to beautify the corner space of their rooms by making creative chandeliers with the help of empty bottles. You can collect empty bottles over a time that can be later used for various decorative purposes around your bedroom or even living room. In addition, you can also buy some small chandeliers specially designed for the bedroom that can give an artistic feel to your room.

5. Fancy Rustic Lanterns

They add a rustic feel to your room and also illuminate it. You can buy them from stores or make one yourself by using old cans that have been painted with beautiful colors that catch your eyes instantly. Making these rustic lanterns is not an easy task as it requires a lot of effort and time, but the result is very satisfying when you see how beautifully they look in your bedroom once installed.

They can be specially designed for the bedroom and placed in an area where they provide a more soothing atmosphere while you sleep; the lights go out and what remains is just some friendly and rustic hand-made lanterns that add up to your room’s beauty.

6. Curtain Tie-Backs

Curtain tie-backs are another creative way to add beauty and pizzazz to your bedroom without investing too much money in it. It would help if you had some cheap curtain rings of different colors with donut-shaped pendants on top of them to give a unique look when hung on the wall around the window.

All these things act as incredible decorations for your room while making it look more spacious at the same time. Good lighting is essential in any space, mainly while decorating your bedroom, because if proper lighting is not provided, then no decoration will suit that particular space.

7. DIY Candles

Another great way to add a special touch to your bedroom is by making candles at home. You can use candles of different shapes and sizes that look good when hung on the wall or stuck in the middle of a table. There are many ways to make candles at home for decorating purposes.

In addition, buying readymade ones from the market will make a room appear better instead of using plain bulbs. If you want to save up some space in your room, hanging lights with chains is another beautiful idea that can be used if there is a limited floor area available for placing lamps on the floors. Hanging lights give an elegant look to your room and add a unique feel to it.

These are some DIY ideas to make your bedroom look beautiful without spending too much money on it. However, if there is any furniture like bedside tables, cupboards, or an elegant couch which you feel will enhance the beauty of your bedroom, then go ahead and get one as they are not very expensive to buy nowadays either.


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