8 Clever Hacks to Decorate & Spruce up your Bedroom


Your bedroom should be your getaway place from the tedious daily activities. It should be that safe haven where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. Nothing soothes the heart and body than coming to a well-decorated and spruced-up bedroom.

The bedroom is one of the rooms that should be able to reflect your style and preference. Sprucing your bedroom is not as complicated and expensive as you may think. Below are ways in which you can easily decorate and spruce up your bedroom on a budget.

Do not be scared to use Colors

Your choice of color will affect the mood in your bedroom. Remember that your bedroom is a resting place and a room to have your reflection. This means that it should bring you calmness and elevate your mood. Bold colors are great in making a statement but choosing soothing shades will help bring serenity and tranquility to your bedroom. However, it is your bedroom, and the idea is to make it as personal as possible. Going for your favorite color will give you a sense of belonging.


Nothing can put one off as clothes and items lying all around the room. Clutter has a way of destroying the look of every room. Clearing the clutter helps make the room look beautiful and make the room safe as you can trip on the items unknowingly, leading to accidents. You do not have to wait for the space to be so untidy to clean it. Developing a habit of regularly cleaning your bedroom is a way to spruce it and make it inviting. Getting draws, woven baskets, and laundry buckets will help you store things you do not need, thus creating more space.

Light It up

It is undebatable that nothing is attractive in the dark. Lighting your bedroom is one of the ways to make it look good. There are so many ways of lighting your room. Make sure that you take advantage of the natural lighting during the daytime. Open your windows to let the sunlight in during the day. During the evening and dark times, you can choose your source of lighting according to your preference. Different lighting options range from lanterns, pendants, and fairy lights if you are looking for feminine amps. Choose your lighting according to what you fancy.

Invest in your Bedding!

The best and easiest way to upgrade your bedroom is by starting with the look of your bed. This means everything that makes your bed starting from the mattress, beddings, to bed frames. Your bed is the biggest asset in your room, meaning that you will see it among the first things in the room.  Getting a good mattress, sheets, and more comfortable pillows will come a long way in sprucing your bedroom. The colors you choose for your bed accessories must complement the color of your room. Also, ensure to clean your beddings frequently to ensure your space is tidy and clean.

Add Mirrors

What is better than waking up each morning to glimpses of your beautiful self?  Mirrors are the way to go if you want to remind yourself of how beautiful you are each of them. This will help you appreciate yourself, boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Whether it is a big mirror or several small mirrors, they will help increase the depth of your space. It will look bigger than it is.

Getting framed mirrors will also be a way to add a nice touch to your décor. Mirrors will also help you get ready for your day hence helping not to start your day blindly.

Let the outside in

It is impossible to ever go wrong with plants. The green color has a way of making the overall room aesthetic a lot nicer. Adding a few plants to your room will add spruce to your room and bring calmness to the room.

Plants are also a way of cleaning the air in your room, as they will help get rid of Carbon dioxide. If you do not have much space in the room, you can go for potted and hanging plants.  This will not only make your room look beautiful. It is an excellent way of adding décor to the room.

Tip: Use plants sparingly to avoid suffocating your space with C02 at night.

Choose your Furniture Wisely

Furniture is an excellent way of decorating your room. Nevertheless, it would be best to understand that not all furniture would look good in your room.  The size of the furniture will affect the look of your room. Large pieces of furniture will make your room look overcrowded, which may bring an overwhelming feeling and is not what you want. You should pick furniture that fits perfectly into your room. You should also remove any unnecessary furniture to create more space and give the room less clutter. Be realistic when choosing the furniture for your room and keeping the size of your room in mind.

Accessorize it

Now, this is your opportunity to be creative and go all out with your accessories. Well, accessories can add spruce to your room and bring out your personality. You can never run out of accessories for your room. Think of your favorite wall art, that beautiful piece of rug that gives structure to space, tapestries, holders, throw pillows, and anything that pleases your eye, and add it. Without accessorize, your room will be looking and feeling unloved. Just as icing is to a cake, you need accessories for your bedroom. Accessories also bring detail to your room.

Final Remarks

The bedroom is as important as any other part of your living space. This means that it needs your attention too. It would help if you had a place that looks great to rest in after tackling the life battles during the day. The truth is you do not need a complete turnover. All you have to do is add in some aspects that will help bring spruce to your room. We hope that the tips above will help you as you go ahead in decorating your bedroom.

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