23+ Easy DIY Bed Frame Projects


Bed frames are the heart and soul of an eye-catching and comfortable bedroom. Good bed frames withstand the test of time and can give your room its identity.

Through the years, bed frames have gone through evolution from the standard square frame, extended headboards, detachable headboards, assembled parts, with storage, floating stands, with lights, etc. If you are looking for bed frame ideas that you can do yourself, this article by Soundproofnation.com will surely be helpful for you.

How to build a bed frame

In building a bed frame, there are only three important things that you should not miss. Of course, the first thing to think about would be, what material am I going to use?

Using metal or wood is quite a handful to decide on depending on where it will be spaced and who will be using it. As soon as you decide, decide on the dimensions of the bed and buy the necessary materials like screws, hangers and rails.

And lastly, assemble the parts starting with mounting the rails, securing the posts and parts through the screws and finally attaching the headboard. 

How to attach DIY headband to bed frame

The headband or headboard will make the bed frame look like a legit bed so this one should be taken seriously. For this process, you need to align all the headband slots with the legs of the bed using the accompanying hooks and brackets.

After this, attach the hooks one by one to the legs of the bed. After connecting all the hooks with the legs, push the bed frame rails to lock in with the brackets and after that, you are done. 

How to fix a broken bed frame

This part is make or break, literally and figuratively. For cracks or splits, you must remove the mattresses first and the springs in the frame.

Pry on the crack and split it so that you can add wood glue. After this, you will need wood clamps and place them as tight as you can until the glue oozes out. Just keep the clamp there overnight.

After the clamp, measure the length of the crack and add at least six inches of wood. Drill the holes, glue and then screw. For metal bed frames, a trip to a welder would be necessary. 

How much weight can a bed frame hold?

According to The Sleep Judge, the general rule of thumb among bed frames in terms of the weight they can hold regardless of the type of material used should be 500 pounds. Customized heavy-duty beds however, can hold up to 1, 000-4,000 pounds. 

Now that we know these, allow us to give you a snippet of the bed frame designs that you can do by yourself. 

1. DIY King Bed Frame

Masters’ bedrooms are not the same without king beds. To give a serious impact on your bedroom, this canopy king bed from the Rouge Engineer is something that you can consider. It has a flexible design for both rustic and modern style homes with its dark wood aesthetics. 

2. DIY Wood Bed Frame

Wood bed frames can be a little scary for first time DIYers because it is delicate. But if you wish to embark on it at one point, you can consider this queen size wood bed frame from A Piece of Rainbow which used all-wood materials and changed spring mattress holders to wood ones. Wood bed frames are quite pricey but the durability is tested. 

3. DIY Queen Bed Frame

This sophisticated, classy look from The handy home maker is something to be considered in your DIY queen bed frame plans. You can use wood platforms to make the upholstery stand out like this one. 

4. DIY Bed Frame with Storage

Eyeing for that minimalist bed frame with storage? This could be the perfect bed frame with storage design for you from Wood work. This bed is perfect for professionals who are always on the go, people with small bedroom spaces, or people who really want the space nice and clean. 

5. DIY Bed Frame with Lights

LED lights underneath the bed can give you the feels like no other. Whatever vibe you want to achieve, lights in the bed frame will transform your bedroom into that vibe like this ambient glowing DIY bed frame from Home Crux

6. DIY Platform Bed


7. Weathered gray DIY bed frame


8. DIY King Size Bed Under $400


9. DIY Bed frame with headboard and lighting


10. DIY Farmhouse bed frame

Source: impatientlycrafty, jonag

11. White bed frame under $100


12. DIY bed frame with drawers


13. DIY boat bed


14. DIY floating bed frame with light underneath


15. DIY V-Leg bed


16. DIY Walnut Plywood Bed Frame


17. Simple bed frame


18. DIY Pallet Bed for Kid


19. DIY 3-tool bed (with video and plan)


20. DIY King Headboard and Frame


21. DIY Pipe Bed Frame


22. DIY IKEA expedit storage bed


23. DIY bed frome old deck



In conclusion, do it yourself bedrooms are very possible. All you need to keep in mind is the material, the dimensions of the space and the design you want to achieve.

Special mention is given to wood bed frames because they really never go out of style plus the durability that they offer is something that no one would want to miss.

Mounting lights in the bed frame is also a very good addition. Whatever it is that you have in mind, go for it because DIY bed frames will save you money, gives you the experience and makes your bed frame dreams come true.


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