DIY Outdoor Dining Table Projects – How to Build It


Warm nights are made for outdoor dinners with all-night grilling and cold booze or wine. This moment will be made even more beautiful by the dining table in which the merry-making will be made and the food and drinks will be served. You might think it is expensive but in actuality, there are DIY outdoor dining table projects for you to tinker on.

How to build a patio table

Here are the three basic steps in building a patio table.

First, you come up with a design, appropriateness of the design to your home’s aesthetics and list of materials to be used.

Second, follow the design up to the last detail and consider using sturdy binders.

Third, make sure that it is weatherproof by applying water proof glue or wood sealant.

How much does it cost to build a dining table?

It really depends on the style of the dining table that you want and the materials that will be used. But according to Improve Net, $120 would be more than enough if all you want is a simple farmhouse style dining table, a folding table or concrete tables. Concept tables with personalized designs or long wood tables that could accommodate more than fifteen people are way more expensive.

Can a wood table be used outside? How do you weatherproof a wood table?

Yes but you will need a cover for it or else it will mold out and weaken. Beach umbrellas, patio umbrellas or outdoor canopies would be good for covering wood tables outside.

There is another way for wood tables to be used outside though and that is though weatherproofing them by following two processes.

First, you need to coat your wood table with either varnish or lacquer and use waterproof glue while you are assembling the table up. After doing this, you need to apply a stain-sealant combination.

Outdoor dining table plans

If you are thinking of possible outdoor dining table plans but can’t seem to get a hold of one lasting one, here are some of the most common DIY outdoor dining table plan ideas which you can consider. We have also provided some visuals for you to have an idea on how to design and build it depending on your personal considerations and taste

1. Round outdoor dining table

Most often than not, round outdoor dining tables are made of wood like this one. For its black accent, wood screws were used. These are rust-free, sturdy binders and are cheap. This can accommodate up to seven people at most for small, intimate gatherings.

Round dining table with outdoor accents from Jaime Costiglio

DIY pallet round table from 1o1pallets

DIY wood beam round dining table from Jen Woodhouse

2. Folding outdoor dining table

If you want to go for a classic and modern mash-up for your folding outdoor table, you can go for this wood top and aluminum base folding table idea.

IKEA folding dining table

DIY foldable balcony table

Wood folding dining table

Foldable farmhouse rustic dining table from Ana-White

Folding wooden picnic table from woodgardenbenchplans

3. Expandable outdoor dining table

Expandable outdoor dining tables are very ideal for minimalists who want to accommodate both few and large crowds on different occasions. By just expanding out the foldable parts of the table, you can save or widen the table’s space like these ones.

Larnaca outdoor teak extendable dining table from Williams-Sonoma

4. Teak outdoor dining table

Teak tables are known to be status symbols because we all know how expensive teak wood is because it is resistant to natural elements. So if you want to go all-out and really spend on your patio table, teak outdoor dining tables are always a classy idea.

Teak table makeover from Redhead Can Decorate

5. Farmhouse outdoor dining table

Well if you are eying for that rustic feel, a farmhouse outdoor dining table is the one for you. Usually made of hardwood with long top and attached long, wood benches, you will surely invoke some farmhouse feels.

DIY pottery barn dining table from The Happier Homemaker

Typical farmhouse dining table from Woodshop Diaries

DIY truss beam farmhouse dining table from justagirlandherblog

DIY farmhouse patio dining table from The Frugal Homemaker

Dining table under $65 from Shanty-2-chic

Outdoor table with plans from Cherished Bliss

6. Concrete outdoor dining table

If you want a more permanent outdoor table which will

give you the classic and yet urban, modern feel, go for concrete outdoor dining tables like this marble concrete table from Gardenista.

DIY concrete dining table from briannavenzke

Fuze grey dining table from gardenista

Concrete dining table from diypete

7. Long outdoor dining table

As to how long, it is for you to answer but long outdoor dining tables are always a good idea for family gatherings and intimate dinners with your closest friends. Going for wood or metal and wood combos would always be a good idea for long outdoor dining tables like this one from Erin Martin Design.

Large outdoor dining table from Shanty-2-chic

8. Narrow outdoor dining table

Narrow outdoor tables are very good ideas for outdoor drinking with friends as they can be used as long bar tables to accommodate everybody for intimate conversations like this one from Yuk Biz.


DIY outdoor dining table projects are fun to design but take time to build. That is the reason why you must first have the answers to questions such as what vibe am I trying to create, how much am I willing to spend for it and do I want it as a temporary or permanent outdoor fixture for my home.  If you are one of those people who already have answers to these questions, then you are now ready to make your DIY outdoor table.

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