20 Gardening Hacks You Wish You Knew Early On


Playing Sims from its first to fourth release might have introduced you to garden hacks and at some point, you might have wanted to master one in real life. But wait, you could and perhaps, you just don’t know that there is a whole array of gardening hacks that will save the day.

After reading this, you might wish that you knew them earlier but fret not because they are so easy to do. Plus, you will look really awesome and garden savvy if you could pull any of these up. You can get support from Fair Oaks tree experts to give you gardening tips.

With these, here are 20 gardening hacks that you can consider doing for a cool garden. 

20 gardening hacks

Have you ever wished of being able to transfer potted plants easier when seasons change? Or what about checking on the growth of the plant but cannot since they are already submerged in the soil? Enclosing the pot in a bigger pot with holes at the bottom to serve as double drainage is the answer to all these questions. Check out this idea from Family Handy Man. 

This garden hack is good for those who have a growing love for propagating through cuttings. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and you might want to try to isolate them in their own greenhouse. You can use plastic bottles like this one from les-jardins-de-sanne.

You might not want to throw out the cardboard tubes from bathroom tissue ever again if you just knew that you could use them as eco-friendly planters for small plants and for seeds and cuttings that you want to be isolated. All you need is a tray for you to put the tubes on like this one from The Gardening Cook. 


To avoid rotting roots due to bad drainage, you can put hydration sponges at the bottom of the pot to give the plant a good aeration flow and maintain the moisture from the water and also keeps the water from flushing out easily. Check this one from Nutley’s Kitchen Garden.

Moist dirt after watering could be a real problem for gardeners and if you have been wondering how to address this one, your coffee filter might have another use. Can’t believe it? Look at this one from Reader’s Digest

There’s another ecological way to use plastic jugs. Putting a few small holes in the lid will transform it into an instant watering can like this one from ajourneytoadream and everafterinthewoods.com.

Reading the chemicals and GMOs in commercial fertilizers is sure mind-boggling. But did you know that diluting Epsom salt into a gallon of water and then putting them in a misting spray could save you a lot of fertilizer but with more nutrient benefits for your plants? Try it for yourself like this one from Home Hacks

You don’t have to resort to fungal solutions every time. You can use ground cinnamon bark or powder to prevent seasonal plant disease from wreaking havoc in your garden bed. All you have to do is pour a solid amount of cinnamon in the soil bed like this one from The Rusted Garden


And of course, to prevent pests from munching on your plants and competing for nutrients from your garden soil, pour coffee around the soil bed like this one from Plant Care Today. 


To further prevent pests, you may want to build your own mosquito and pest control pot and put it in the middle of your garden. You can mix a lot of citrus plants like marigold, citronella, lemon and catnip, among others. For reference, you may check this one from This Pug Life

Weeds are equally pesky and if you want to get rid of them for a long time, pouring some white vinegar in your garden soil could be of help like this one from Bright Side


And if you don’t want chemical rooting hormones, you can always turn to honey to help you in propagating plant cuttings like this from Handyman. 

Of course, your gardening tools should always be sharp and on the spot. Sharpening them every now and then could take a lot of time so you might want to just dip them all in a terracotta pot with mineral oil and abrasive sand to keep them sharp on any day. Check this out from One Good Thing by Jillie



Or if you want to save space in the storage room for your garden tools, you can always make a hanging pallet for them like this one from HGTV and 1001gardens 

And when it is slug season, you don’t have to manually take them off again. You can trap them all in a dish with beer like this one from flickr and imgur.

If the previous one is something over the top for you, you can always go back to the basic anti-slug, anti-pest solution: crushed egg shells. Take a look at this one from Gardenista. and garden season

For bigger critters that munch on your veggies like deer, rabbit or goats, shredded bath soap in the garden soil will keep them off your veggies forever. Check this out from Dustanddoghair. 


In perfecting the spaces in between seeds when you plant them in a garden bed, you can use a muffin pan to use as a space template. Just press the muffin pan in the soil like this one from A Thrifty Mom



Labels do matter too especially in an herb garden. To make it look posh and classy, you can use wine corks to label your herb off. It should look like this one from Shine Your Light and cambriawines


And lastly, there is a way for you to make the most out of rain water during times of drought and that is to put up your catch barrel for you to store that rain water in like this one from HGTV. 


Well, it is never too late to learn a thing or two when it comes to gardening. We would be very happy if any of the mentioned garden hacks here could be of use to you.

Happy garden hacking!


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