5 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Organizing


If you are struggling to keep your house clean, or to find anything in your home, you may want to consider setting up routines that can help you out. Most people are unable to maintain a cleaning schedule said the because they do not like to do it. As for organizing, most people forget where they have placed items, such as their keys, throughout the day.

In both situations, proper routines need to be set up, but they must be done in a specific manner. Here are seven ways that you can begin to clean and organize your home in a much more efficient way. For more tips and suggestions, please visit ECS Cleaning.

Choose A Specific Time

Most of us are conditioned to do things at a particular time. For example, if you work, you will get up at the same time every morning. You will arrive at work so as not to be late. You will leave work while you have likely done for many years.

These are things that we are conditioned to do. Therefore, you simply need to get into the habit of cleaning your home at a particular time of the day. Additionally, you must do so within a specified timeframe. Therefore, there is a start and an ending to the cleaning session. This will assist you in developing a habit that will soon become routine and natural.

How to Organize Your House?

Organizing your home is the next thing that you should focus upon. If you can clean your home, you are going to start seeing where things are misplaced. There should be a place for everything in your home. Part of the reason for doing so is that it will save you time.

You will not have to worry about wasting time if you can always find specific items at the same exact locations. Therefore, as you are cleaning, take note of the areas where organization exemplified. Start with the kitchen, moved to the bedrooms, and finally the family and living rooms. As with the cleaning routine, you should start this and complete this task at a specific time.

How to Motivate Yourself to Clean

Motivation is typically the worst aspect of learning how to do either cleaning or organizing. We are not motivated because it is not fun. However, as you become more organized, and as your house gets cleaner, it will not be such a difficult task. Your motivation will become a natural part of your ability to clean your home. You will start to respect the way that your house looks when everything is in its place.

Motivation could simply start with a need to be more organized or cleanly. However, it will become much easier as you go along. Finally, you may want to reward yourself as a form of motivation which can always be helpful. Going out to a movie, or watching one at home, might be all that you need to complete these repetitive tasks.

A Fallback Plan

Everyone needs to have a fallback plan. This is a secondary plan, one that you can use if you are not motivated to do your cleaning or organizing. These tend to be most useful as you are developing your routine of keeping everything in your house organized in cleanly.

Although motivation can be helpful, you should also have another plan of action that can supersede your reluctance he to do the work. That fallback plan could be a punishment, such as not allowing yourself to go out with friends or family, at a designated time that you have already planned. This type of motivation often works as a measure of last resort.

Final Strategies to Use

There are a couple of final strategies that you need to use if you want to get this done every day. First, start with your least favorite room first. Once that is out of the way, you will be more motivated to get to the end of your cleaning or organizing session. Always do what is most difficult first. The next strategy is to choose specific days where you will only do one room. This will minimize the impact it will have on you and the amount of time that you will have to spend. Both can work together to help you get through the difficult times of forming routines and habits for cleaning and organizing.

If you are not the most cleanly person in the world, it is important to form habits that can help you maintain an organized living space. It may take a few weeks, but by using the fallback strategies, and your initial rewards strategy, you can motivate yourself to get this done. Eventually, cleaning and organizing everything is going to be very easy to do. You will not even think about doing it or be concerned about how long it will take. It will become a routine that will likely continue if you are consistent.

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