Coffee Plantation Tour: Where to Go


Do you love coffee? Are you interested in its planting, harvesting, processing, and related processes? Then, a coffee plantation tour may be the best idea for your next vacation. Just think about your college tasks beforehand if you are pursuing a degree. Delegating your papers to experts may be an optimal solution, the right thing is to pick a reliable helper. So, devote a few hours to checking the best essay writing services on to decide on a reliable company.

Moreover, browsing the Internet, you will find a lot of information about the most unexpected destinations where coffee beans are grown. In the overwhelming majority of instances, coffee fields are surrounded by fantastic nature so that you always have an opportunity to plan an enjoyable hiking tour, camping experience, or similar activities that will make the coffee tour even more impressive.

At the same time, it is crucial to remember some specifications that may predetermine the success of your trip. Have you chosen the destination? Do a little research and focus on the largest and influential coffee bean producers that distribute top-quality raw materials ever. Additionally, no matter if you are excited about Guatemala coffee beans production, or the Spain manufacturing process, you need to mind the following tips in order to make your tour interesting and insightful. 

  • Learn a few phrases in the local language and take an interpreter. Believe it or not, but the overwhelming majority of people working in the coffee fields do not speak English. Thus, learning a few phrases will help you be friendly and respectful, while the local English-speaking guide will advance your experience to a completely different level.
  • Get ready for a long-lasting hiking tour. Do you usually do your morning exercise? Strong health and a good physical form are inevitable for the coffee plantation tour, as you will have to walk much.
  • Take warm and comfortable clothes. Although you may head to the coffee plantation as a tourist, you need to wear special clothes that will protect you from the negative impacts. Long-sleeved shirts, comfortable shoes, and trousers are a must. Additionally, take your time to cover your head and neck, as you are likely to interact with mosquitos.
  • Ask locals to organize a tour around the plantation. Do you want to see the plantation or investigate its every corner? Ask locals to organize a coffee expedition, which will be not only entertaining but also educational.

When you are 100% ready to immerse yourself in the world of coffee bean production, you need to take the final step and opt for the desired destination that will reveal the most exclusive aspects and peculiarities of beans planting, harvesting, and processing.

  • Jamaica. According to the reviews of experienced coffee plantation tourists, Jamaica is one of the best designations, which will leave a long-lasting impression. Here you will find huge fields where Blue Mountain Coffee beans are grown. Although the tour will not be cheap, you will get a unique chance to taste the most expensive and popular coffee around the globe. Besides, do not forget to buy a pack of exclusive coffee beans for your friends.
  • Indonesia. The place is known and appreciated for the high-quality roast it has been producing and distributing for over 30 years. Besides, it is inevitable to mention that traveling to Indonesia, you will get an excellent opportunity to enjoy not only coffee plantations but also vanilla vines and clove tree fields.
  • Vietnam. According to the statistics, Vietnam is the second most influential coffee manufacturer worldwide. Consequently, the destination surely has something interesting to offer you. Additionally, tourists enjoy excellent coffee brews, which can transform the perception of the drink. Robusta beans are popular in the area, so it is the top choice for adventure seekers who are fond of strong coffee with bitter notes.
  • Panama. Have you ever heard of Geisha coffee beans? Panama is the most desired destination for devoted coffee drinkers. Finally, you will get a unique chance to relish the climate and atmosphere of coffee plantations.
  • Costa Rica. High altitude, daily rainfall, and favorable soil are the key advantages of the area, which help coffee beans grow fast and efficiently here. Do you want to enjoy a relaxing tour around the plantation? Ask the locals to organize one, and you will not only see the fields but also taste the most delicious coffee you have ever had. If you do a little research and plan your tour beforehand, you may witness beans harvesting and processing.
  • Ethiopia. If you truly love coffee, you should know that Ethiopia is its birthplace. Consequently, it is a must-visit for those who are eager to enjoy the original taste of floral, fruity, and spicy notes that merge into a fantastic drink.

Are you ready to go back and enjoy the daily routine again? Make every day unique and extraordinary with a pack of exclusive coffee you purchase right in the place it was grown. Do you not have a coffee machine? Not a big deal, as the online market is filled with some cheap coffee makers. Take some time to compare available items and opt for the best one.


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