How to keep your cat away from the garden


Being a cat owner is always great. However, there might be some problems if you are fond of gardening. The reason is that many cats can spoil the plants in the garden, dig some holes, and make a total mess. How to keep your pet away from your garden? Let’s find the answers.

Make Sure Your Can Is Not Hungry

Many pets start exploring your garden and bite the leaves of the plants because they are hungry. This way, you have an easy solution – just feed your animal a bit more or choose another diet for your domestic animal. Some cats lack important nutrients and vitamins, so they are forced to look for some in your garden.

If you are looking for a perfect solution to make your kitty full and happy, it is always good to consult a veterinarian. Moreover, you might read some reviews on pet food shared by experienced cat owners. For example, these new customer reviews can easily help you select the most fitting goodies for your domestic animal.

Use Scents

There are many scents that most cats can’t stand. If your garden has a particular scent, your kitty will show zero interest in your plants. You can choose from these odors:

  • lavender;
  • pennyroyal;
  • lemon thyme.

You can start growing these plants in your garden to drive your cat away from your kaleyard. By the way, they can also attract pollinators and other beneficial insects to your garden that might help you get a better harvest in the future.

If you don’t plan to plant anything but still want to make your cat stay away from your kaleyard, feel free to use citrus and coffee scents. You can throw lemon or orange peels on the soil. Brewed coffee grounds might also become an excellent alternative. To get to know more about some other scents cats hate, you may order a paper from a reliable writing service but don’t forget to check a pile of reviews on first not to get trapped.

Many experienced gardeners also use commercial cat repellents. These are organic products that can’t do any harm to your lovely kitty.


Most cats don’t like water. If your kitty is among them, it’s time to benefit from this aspect. To break up the cat’s positive association with your kaleyard, set up several motion-activated sprinkler systems. When your kitty tries to reach the garden, the systems will be activated and sprinkle your naughty pet.

Your cat will surely make several attempts to get to the plants, but it will likely leave this idea after becoming wet each time. This is one of the easiest and safest methods to make your kitty forget about your plants. Moreover, motion-activated watering systems are usually not expensive, so this trick will not harm your budget.


Using sound is another excellent way to keep your cat away from your garden. You can use motion-sensitive bells, wind chimes, or small pebbles in a jar that rattle when your cat approaches the garden. However, this method has a serious drawback. Many cats can easily get used to this rattle and might start ignoring it. Therefore, it might be a great idea to start using ultrasound devices that can be easily heard by cats but not humans. This way, your cat will avoid coming near your garden because of the annoying sound it will hear.


Some gardeners build fences to protect their gardens from cats. However, this solution often has low effectiveness. The reason is that kitties can effortlessly jump over the high fence and reach your plants. It is better not to use a sharp-edged fence since it might hurt your furry friend.

If you would like to set up a barrier for your cat, it is better to stick to prickly alternatives. For example, you can cover the garden soil with pine cones or wooden chopsticks to make a path to your veggies challenging for your kitty. It will not likely approach the plants if it needs to walk on the thorns.

Arrange An Outdoor Litter Box

Some cats don’t show any interest in your plants but find your kaleyard to be a perfect toilet. This way, it is better to arrange a litter box for your cat right near the garden. Don’t forget to clean it regularly. This way, your cat is likely to stay away from your plants and veggies.

All in all, keeping your cat (as well as your neighbor’s kitties) away from the garden is not difficult. You might invest in buying ultrasound devices or motion-activated watering systems for these purposes. However, free options are also available. For example, you can set up fences or physical barriers, benefit from using various scents, and arrange an outdoor litter box to meet the needs of your cat with no harm to your kaleyard. Moreover, make sure your kitty has a perfectly balanced diet not to be attracted by the green leaves in your garden.

By the way, you can choose several methods from our list to boost the effects.


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