20+ Best DIY Fence Ideas For Your Backyard


The main concept of having fences is to protect the house or enclose a section of the house from stray animals like in flower and vegetable gardens or to keep small kids from playing around it for safety like in pool fences.

Other than this, fences have a strong impact on the overall attractiveness of the space and the whole aesthetics of the house through landscape. Poor choice on the type of fence relative to the design of the house is just disappointing and lacks personality. 

Now, maybe you want one but house fixtures, as we know it could be quite expensive. This is the reason why we are giving you some inexpensive fence ideas that you can put up by yourself without getting broke. 

What is the purpose of a fence?

Fences incorporate boundaries whether it is from the neighbours or the community in general. It secludes us from the rest of the world. Fences give a feel of who you are and add a dimension to your property.

Fences can be uncomplicated, yielding, multifaceted or rigid. Fences can be a bridge of nature and man, a combination that is pleasing to the eyes and senses.

Why do you need in a fence?

  • Is it to create privacy? The fence does not have to be a solid wall for privacy. Even open work fences can be pleasing to the eye but still enclose areas for privacy.
  • Hide some view that is less pleasing? Whether it is some kind or landscaping or remodeling you just haven’t got to, fences can hide the less pleasing parts of your property.
  • Define an area? A section of fence can help define an area, provide a pleasant backdrop and screen one area from another.
  • Provide a sense of security? Choose a fence that is tall enough but does not feel like you are living in a prison. Privacy fences so not have to be tall to let people know that this is your space.
  • Ensure pets or kids stay safely on your property? Fences can help keep pets and young children from wandering onto streets and on coming traffic.
  • Buffer loud noises? A fence cannot actually reduce noise but what it does is screen out the visual annoyance that is making the noise.
  • Buffer the effects of climate? Whether it is wind, rain, or sun of drifting snow, fences can help reduce the impact of climate onto your property.
  • Enhance your property? A fence can improve the look of your house and property.
  • Mark a boundary? Whether it is fencing the whole property or parts, the visual impact of the fence clearly shows what your property is and what is not.

There are three major parts of a fence and these are all what you need to consider if you are making one: the post, the rail and the picket. The post and the rail will make the box type structure of the fence and they are the ones attached within the post and rail structure.

The good thing about DIY fence ideas is that the materials to be used can be anything; you just have to be ingenious.

#1. Wood fence ideas

Wood fences certainly evoke a lot of feel from rustic to classic and a good mix in modern designs. It is a very flexible material and in case you haven’t noticed, most of our fence mentions here are made of wood.

Just look at this all-wood privacy fence from The Cavender Diary. It is the perfect mix of rustic and classy and it is easy to build. You just have to invest in a lot of wood and some power tools but other than that, who would not be inspired to just stay at home with a fence like this.

There’s no limit to what you can do with wood materials and one of these would be these beautiful slatted fences from One Kings Lane. With carefully cut wood, slatted installation and rustic colors, you could easily turn your backyard into a bohemian nook where you could spend lazy Sundays and morning coffees. It has privacy and a unique style. Just add a few upgrade fixtures like coffee table, hammock and a good light installation to make the perfect backyard chill.

Fence ideas for backyard

Backyard fences are usually built for two things: to keep critters out and to shoo nosey neighbors away by setting up a privacy structure such as a backyard fence. With these in mind, fences with very minimal spaces in between pickets are the best designs. 

This backyard fence from Bower Power could be a great starting point for your DIY fence. It is very simple and easy to do as it only makes use of wood from post and rail to the pickets. It does well with the privacy function, tall enough to keep animals out and provides a rustic fashion to your backyard. 

You could also make backyard fences out of mixed materials and turn it into an industrial looking fence like this one from Crafty Texas Girl. It is made of wood and corrugated metal to give the pickets a sort of industrial flair that is really head-turning if you ask us. It is good for backyard barbeque sessions with friends and family.

#2. Bicycle fence


#3. Fences made of old doors


Flower garden fence ideas

Unlike the vegetable garden fences that are basically open, flower gardens tend to have greater appeal using privacy fences. With it not being too enclosed and not too open, you will make your flower gardens a whole different dimension on its own. 

Take a look at this recycled pallet fence from Recyclart. It is made from scrap wood, improved it with a few light fixtures and used the pallets as a climbing post for vines. Overall, it is a perfect space for meditation and just taking all the breeze in with privacy. 

You can also go all traditional with those low picket fences with flowers all over, reminiscent of English countryside homes from Garden Lovers Club

#5. Old shutters transformed into a privacy fence

#6. Metal fence

#7. Snow ski fence


#8. Music fence


Dog fence ideas

Dog fences should be sturdy enough to keep those naughty and playful pets inside. Dog fences are usually built of mixed materials of wood and wrought iron or it could be all wood or all iron. 

For all out wrought iron design, look at this modern looking fence that covers a lot of space for dog playtime. It covers a good perimeter size perfect for pets. 

You could also go for mixed materials like this one whose post and rail are made of wood and its pickets of wrought iron. 

#11. Stone and rock fence

#12. Wine bottles fence


DIY pool fence ideas

Pool fence ideas can go over the top or just plainly traditional. Most pool fences are protective fences especially when there are small kids around. Like the others, you could also make pool fences out of iron grills, wood or mixed materials depending on the aesthetics of your house.

This pool fence idea here from Landscaping Network is full coated metal that works as a backyard fence and a pool protective fence. It is made with arrowhead designed iron grills. 

For classy, oriental feels, you can also make an all-wood pool fence like this one from Impressive Interior Design

A little touch of glass could also make the pool side modern and luxurious like this one.

Vegetable garden fence ideas

Vegetable gardens are delicate spaces because they are vulnerable to wild critters and of course pets. To keep our prized garden safe from naughty paws 24/7, the most common vegetable garden fence designs are rustic ones made of wood and chicken wire. 

Like this one from Brooke Giannetti, you could go all out and make the vegetable garden fence a chill space where you could hang out over coffee while tending the plant boxes. It is just a little over four feet, enough for critters to be able to not jump over and with chicken wire pickets for small critters to not be able to enter. 

For larger gardens, you could opt for modern versions of the wood and chicken wire garden fence like this Tuscan inspired garden fence from Blog Lovin. It is very ideal for people who want to take gardening up a notch by providing a superb view within the house. And it is not at all tricky to create. Instead of straight pickets, you just have to install them in a horizontal way with large spaces in between where the chicken wire is attached. 

Bamboo fence ideas

Bamboo fences are one of the most beautiful fences one would ever see. It has an earthy, refreshing, oriental, zen feel that makes the house imbibe a peaceful vibe. 

You may opt for a full bamboo fence like this one from Bamboo Import. 

Or mix it up with metal accents from Minimalis. 

Or match it with a wood post and rails like this one.


#17. DIY fence pergola


Picket fence ideas

Picket fences are the most familiar fences that we know of and they could go all the way from French, confederate classic, and English cottage designs. It is mostly done to beautify and add personality to the curb and they are well-thought of because they are one of the ‘faces’ of the house. 

You can go all classic with this white French gothic picket fence with an arrowhead shape. You could also make it a flat-top shape or a dog-ear style but this one is particularly class looking and it gives the home a Southern colonial touch. 

For picket fences, you can also go English style with the baluster fences commonly seen in English suburbs. It is simple with straight pickets and traditional post and rail structures. You could go for this very simple one: 

or put a bit of effort to achieve this Canterbury vinyl style picket fence:

First you must understand the reason for building a fence to be able to plan what type of fence you will build. Then you can research the appropriate fences that will meet this need. In the end you will be able to stand back and admire a job well done.


DIY fences need not be too expensive to be outstanding. You just have to understand the house’s perimeter, the function you are putting it up to and the general vibe that you want to achieve from it. If you have all of these answered, you are now ready for your DIY fences. 

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