20+ Best DIY Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

20+ Best DIY Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

Fences are a given. Everyone has one or will build one sooner or later. But before going gung ho on the first pretty little plan you see, you need to consider what the purpose is.

What is the purpose of a fence?

Fences incorporate boundaries whether it is from the neighbours or the community in general. It secludes us from the rest of the world. Fences give a feel of who you are and add a dimension to your property.

Fences can be uncomplicated, yielding, multifaceted or rigid. Fences can be a bridge of nature and man, a combination that is pleasing to the eyes and senses.

Why do you need in a fence?

  • Is it to create privacy? The fence does not have to be a solid wall for privacy. Even open work fences can be pleasing to the eye but still enclose areas for privacy.
  • Hide some view that is less pleasing? Whether it is some kind or landscaping or remodeling you just haven’t got to, fences can hide the less pleasing parts of your property.
  • Define an area? A section of fence can help define an area, provide a pleasant backdrop and screen one area from another.
  • Provide a sense of security? Choose a fence that is tall enough but does not feel like you are living in a prison. Privacy fences so not have to be tall to let people know that this is your space.
  • Ensure pets or kids stay safely on your property? Fences can help keep pets and young children from wandering onto streets and on coming traffic.
  • Buffer loud noises? A fence cannot actually reduce noise but what it does is screen out the visual annoyance that is making the noise.
  • Buffer the effects of climate? Whether it is wind, rain, or sun of drifting snow, fences can help reduce the impact of climate onto your property.
  • Enhance your property? A fence can improve the look of your house and property.
  • Mark a boundary? Whether it is fencing the whole property or parts, the visual impact of the fence clearly shows what your property is and what is not.




#3. Fences made of old doors



#5. Old shutters transformed into a privacy fence

#6. Metal fence

#7. Snow ski fence


#8. Music fence



#11. Stone and rock fence

#12. Wine bottles fence






#17. DIY fence pergola





First you must understand the reason for building a fence to be able to plan what type of fence you will build. Then you can research the appropriate fences that will meet this need. In the end you will be able to stand back and admire a job well done.

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