15 Styles of blue hair for a marine touch in your look


Blue hair is the most incredible trend of the year, its hue gives light to your face, sharpens your features, gives you an attractive and dynamic touch, just like the waves of the sea.

So if you want a radical renewal of look … from blond to blue you must change.

1. Goodbye, blond platinum!

Girl recharging her face in her own hand, posing for a selfie

2. The trend this summer is blue

Girl modeling in front of a building, showing her blue sky hair

3. Yes, blue like the waves of the sea

Girl from behind showing her long, blue hair

4. You can give it an electric touch

Girl posing in front of a glass door, showing her electric blue hair

5. Maybe something more like the color of the sky

Woman in profile, covering her face with her hair blue sky color

6. Become the queen of the ocean!

Girl in profile, showing her long hair in shades of chestnut and aqua blue

7. It’s identical to Coraline Jones!

Girl taking a selfie to show her short hair in electric blue

8. The balayage was never so colorful

Girl in profile, modeling her hair in waves with balayage in blue

9. Fantasy and glamor for a new look

Girl in profile, covering her face in blue sky and lilac

10. Because a blue tone is not enough…

Girl taking a selfie in profile, showing her electric blue hair and aqua

11. Dark, elegant and sophisticated

Girl covering her face with her short hair in navy blue tone

12. From the middle to the end for a chic effect

Girl with midi hair in blue tone, posing in profile

13. Goes perfect with any skin color

Girl covering her face with her long hair with highlights in blue

14. The sky and the sea in your hair

Girl from behind showing her hair in electric blue tone

15. Neither green nor blue

Long hair girl with gradient in teal

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