15 Creative Tattoos that Turn Birthmarks Into True Works of Art


Birthmarks are a common feature of our skin, some are small and can be easily hidden, but others are not. Because of this, many people come to feel ashamed of their appearance, but this has to stop being a problem. Recently the trend of tattoos on birthmarks has been created.

Like the marks, these tattoos change quite a bit of style, some people choose designs that completely cover the marks; others make brands part of the tattoo.

1. It’s a perfect turtle

Girl with a turtle tattoo on her leg

2. It is beautiful, discreet and perfect

Girl with a planet tattooed on her arm

3. Skin like rose petals

Girl with a tattoo tattooed on her leg

4. It is impressive

Boy with an eagle tattoo on his back

5. I never imagined that a carrot would look so perfect

Girl with a tattoo on her leg

6. Roses can always flourish in adversity

Girl with a flower tattoo on her leg

7. Find the brand

Girl with a whale tattoo on her leg

8. He has the best map

Boy with an island tattooed on his arm

9. A good option to join your moles

Girl with a constellation tattooed in the eslapda

10. The cookie-eating monster

Boy with a monster tattoo eats cookies on his foot

11. Your body can become a work of art

Boy with a wolf tattoo on his back

12. We have found the lost island!

Girl with an island tattooed on her arm

13. Lunar phases hide a small mole

Girl with a constellation tattooed on her back

14. I never would have thought

boy with a tattoo tattooed on his back

15. It’s the most original thing you’ll see

Boy with a tattoo in the form of lord face of dad


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