Expert Advice For Creating An Outdoor Living Area You’ll Love


Having a deck or patio in your property offers a great opportunity to enjoy nature and let the indoors out for disconnecting from the daily worries.

Whether you decide to receive your guests for a barbecue party or want to spend some alone time sunbathing during summer, any homeowner knows that it requires time and money to put their ideas into fruition.

If you still feel indecisive on where to start, here we share some expert advice for creating an outdoor living area you’ll love spending your days and nights.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area 

One way to create an outdoor living space that you’ll never want to leave is to incorporate an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The kitchen will make it more tempting to spend your time outside, as you won’t have to walk to your main kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

You don’t have to spend much to create these areas – for a low-budget outdoor kitchen, all you’ll need is a BBQ and storage and prep space. If you’ve got a larger budget, you can invest in more permanent appliances.

When creating the dining space, choose a space closer to the garden than your home. For one, it will make eating there seem like an experience, rather than simply an extension of eating at home. Additionally, it allows you to combine a relaxed atmosphere with a beautiful view around you.

Maintain the Area Well-Covered 

Before starting to brainstorm any ideas for your outdoor living area, you must know which direction the area faces. For instance, make notes of how the wind changes through the day and take into consideration any weird wind tunnels or cold breezes tend to appear more often before settling down furniture or decoration. Otherwise, you should fasten your garden decoration safely to the ground for safety reasons.

Sun position during different seasons should also be a crucial variable too since excessive sunlight can be uncomfortable for sitting areas but too much shade can be too chilly for comfort as well.

Invest in High-Quality Outdoor Furniture

Many people place their money’s worth with expensive sofas, beds, and chairs for their indoor areas, but as soon as they get to their outdoor living space they only throw in some cheap decorations and the furniture feels subpar in contrast.

Considering that you also need to consider outdoor weather conditions, you may want to invest in combining both types of furniture for an interesting clash between nature and your home. For instance, using the same type of wood for your garden bench and footrest will help you create a more harmonious decoration while still giving room for innovation. You can even place furniture like reclining chairs for extra comfort if you don’t have space for those inside your home!

Incorporate Lighting into the Atmosphere

Your outdoor living area offers the perfect opportunity to upgrade any event into an unforgettable memory with the right atmosphere. If you have a cooking area outside, add proper lighting so that you’re able to use that space during the evenings.

Placing fairy lights among fences, bushes, and trees is also an excellent way to create a beautiful decoration, but don’t forget to properly light up steps and pathways for everyone’s safety. You can also look into eco-friendly lighting solutions so that you can save energy and forget about batteries or connecting additional electrical systems into your home.

Play with Levels 

If your outdoor space has existing level changes, use them to the best possible effect. For example, if there are any steps in your garden, you can incorporate them into your living area by creating a candle-lined path.

On the other hand, if your garden is completely flat, adding levels can help add a touch of excitement and visual interest to the space. Doing so doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking – for example, you can create a cozy cinema space by using soft blankets and pillows on the ground and setting up an outdoor projector.

One way to play with levels is to consider it when choosing the seating and additional accessories that you decorate the living area with. Add shelves at different levels to hold potted plants, and create seating areas that not only use chairs and couches, but also have spaces for outdoor rugs, cushions on the floor, and padded seats. You can even accessorize with planters and vases to create a more engaging space.

Part of owning a beautiful outdoor living area is also to ensure you’re maintaining the infrastructure’s integrity and cleanliness to make it last. Make a mental note of doing at least a seasonal cleanup to remove any unwanted stains from surfaces, and during rainy seasons place a plastic covering on top of your furniture. Taking these tips into consideration will allow you to enjoy every single corner of your home as you see fit for many years to come.


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