5 Ways to Use Green Energy at Home and Save on Your Electrical Bills


Are you considering using more green energy in your home? These days it is easier than ever to make the switch. Installing renewable energy options can also raise the value of your home.

If you are looking to reduce your electric bill, or want to get off the grid altogether, here are 5 options to run on green energy at home.

1. Solar

We’ve all seen houses with solar panels on the roof. If you wonder how you can have this green energy at home, it’s easier than ever!

Those solar panels will create a renewable energy source for your home as long as the sun shines. If the sun goes out, we’ll have more to worry about than green energy!

If you are looking for more information on solar panels, companies like Blue Raven Solar can provide a ton of resources. You can look into maintenance, installation, and if solar energy is suitable for your needs.

2. Wind Turbines

You may think that wind turbines are too big to fit on your property, but there are options out there for properties of all sizes.

Wind turbines are great if you live in a windy part of the world. Just make sure you get sign-off from your neighbors because they can make some noise and are pretty prominent on any property.

3. Hydro 

If you have a stream or river on your property, you’re in luck! You can harness the energy of the running water source with a generator. The only issue with hydropower is it generally costs more and could potentially affect the wildlife around it.

If you are looking to have a more green impact on the world, make sure you’re doing so responsibly!

4. Geothermal 

Geothermal energy is an almost entirely clean energy source. This green energy option uses the heat from under the earth’s surface. Geothermal energy is sustainable and entirely renewable.

Geothermal can be used for heating, cooling, and as an energy source. The only downside to geothermal energy is that it’s location-specific and can be expensive. Not everyone can tap into this particular resource.

5. Mix and Match 

If you don’t want to rely entirely on one of these options, you can always install two or more of them. Do a cost-benefit analysis and figure out what is best for your home!

If you live somewhere windy part of the year and very sunny in a different season; it may make sense to install a wind turbine and solar panels.

If you don’t want to go entirely off the electrical grid, you can also consider only using one of these. In doing so you can reduce your energy consumption and supplement using one of these green energy options.

Want to Know More About Using Green Energy at Home?

If you are interested in using green energy at home, or the technology behind it, check out our blog! You’ll find a ton of useful tips, tricks, and information.


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