Everything You Need to Know About Creating Your Scrapbook


Scrapbooking has been around for ages. It’s a time-honored tradition and family members, friends, and people that want to keep a solid record of memory. It has not gone out of style in the least.

People are scrapbooking more than ever, probably as a reaction to the intangible records of social media. In the end, we want something we can feel. We want something that we can look at that’s just for us and our friends.

This is where scrapbooking beats out any other form of artistic documentation: it is very personal. If you want to get into scrapbooking, or you have a little bit of experience but wanna expand your abilities, you have come to the right place. He will talk about various techniques, different layouts, and all the fun things that you can do with the media that you see fit.

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking has been described as an artist’s rendition of a photo album. Now, as much as this may be true, there’s a lot more that goes on. The amount of creative liberties that one has with the scrapbook goes beyond colors and pictures. It can be anything.

You can add anything. There are no rules when it comes to scrapbooks. All you have to do is be genuine in your approach.

So stock up on your scrapbook, and get the scissors ready. Nothing is going to get you in a more creative mood than starting a brand new scrapbook. You may even be surprised at the outcome.


As we mentioned before, a scrapbook can be made up of anything that you want. Once you have your scissors and your scrapbook paper, the world is your creative oyster.

If you’re fond of painting, one of the coolest ways to highlight both your skills and provide the perfect backdrop for other images is to make each page a mini painting. This is best done as a gift to someone you love.

Or, better yet, for yourself. The amount of time and energy it takes to make every backdrop unique pretty much demands that the recipient is someone close to your heart.

Here you can play with style. Are you in the watercolors? Are you going to go full oil? Are you going to try your hand at pastels? These are the kinds of things that you can explore, and answer over time. It is, after all, the foreground of your project. But that doesn’t make it the highlight.

Book Covers

One of the most fun parts of scrapbooking is finding the perfect book cover. There are some beautiful patterns out there that push the envelope on what a book cover can be. Some have crocheted fabric ends.

Some are made of the purest cowhide. There are even some that are made to look like normal Books. You would never know that it was a scrapbook until you pulled that copy of Moby Dick, only to find images of friends and memories.

Some of the best ones are straightforward. The ones that save the drama and the creativity for when you open it. But whatever your style is, you have the liberty and the freedom to tailor the external look at the project to whoever they receive it.

Images on the Layout

So now that you have the potential layout and the book cover in mind, you can start adding in the nitty-gritty. Always choose photos that will catch your eye. Yes, the image of you and your friends posing for a picture at a dinner party is fine.

If it elicits some strong emotions, then sure go for it. But generally speaking, the photos should catch your eye. The photo should catch anyone’s eye. How you choose to interpret that is very much so up to the people who are going to see it.

So if you are making scrapbook friends, would you want to choose a picture from a random Tuesday night in a museum?

Or would you choose The fresh make up 7 PM photo on the Las Vegas strip? Depending on what happened in either night, you could make that choice. But chances are, you’re going to have a lot more sets of raucous laughter if you choose the latter.


Now, for the accessories. Scrapbooking is a great opportunity to fill the pages with letters, invitations, concert wristbands, IDs from hospital stays, and everything else in between.

The remnants from that time that you’re trying to capture are perfect for scrapbooking. Is your baby getting older? If you still have a lock of hair from their first haircut, that is going in the scrapbook.

Found a lucky penny on your first date for the love of your life? That penny is going in the scrapbook. Newspaper clippings and even airline tickets are perfect pieces. They are accents and context for the images.

This is where you can get specifics. These accessories are not only for aesthetic purposes. They are part of the time capsule you’re trying to recreate with the scrapbook. You’re trying to bring back the collage of memories and solidify them on paper.

Archival Materials

Lastly, if you want your scrapbooks to last, use acid-free and archival materials. These will make sure that the images and the pages don’t become yellow over time. They won’t become brittle when exposed to the elements.

They can be preserved and kept for generations to come. After all, this may be just a compilation of images to some. But you this is history. To your friends and family, this is a record. Do you want to make sure that it stands the test of time? Always use materials that are proven to do so.

Something about scrapbooking keeps people-centered. It is promoted in schools, homes for the aged, and even centers for people who have undergone some pretty bad things. For one reason or another, scrapbooking helps.

Maybe it has to do with genuine, tactile documentation. Maybe it’s the artistic aspect. Or maybe, like with everything, we just want to be seen. A scrapbook does just that.


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