30+ DIY Backyard Projects For Summer


Summer is here and it only means two things: fun under the sun and long vacation days. Outdoor fun is the name of the game and with lots of time to spare, we can do a lot of beautiful things for more summer fun with family, friends and even for us, personally.

If you are looking for DIY backyard projects for the summer to hype up the season, you are on the right page because that is what we will show you today.

30 DIY backyard projects for summer

Here are some of the cool and easy DIY backyard projects that you could do with family, friends and just yourself if you want to. Not only are these good for the summer but are also long-term projects that you could use over and over again.

DIY coolers 

Cold drinks are one of the most essential things in a summer starter pack. Picnics and water fun are all around and we need a beverage cooler to make it more exciting. But coolers need not be boring.

Ever heard of fountain coolers made of old kiddie pools? Check out this one from foxhollowcottage, lizmarie, Michaela Rae

Or what about a customized built-in drink cooler in a patio table like this one from Remodelaholic.

And of course, the legendary floating coolers like this one from Food Network.

Summer Lounging hammocks

Summer and hammocks always go together. Attach the hammock under the trees, make a lounging hammock for your outdoor siesta bed or just a balcony hammock where you could read and chill, hammocks are DIY summer projects by default like these ones from Hammock Universe, Homify and avestyles.

Backyard firepit and grill

Backyard barbeque parties are also classic summer activities that should never be missed. But this time, instead of bringing out your portable grills, you might want to build a backyard firepit and grill for all the seasons of the year like these from Trendir, and  Backyard Boss.

Cozy Outdoor Seat Sets

It is time to put that handyman skills on. Be it wrought iron, wood, recycled tires for ottoman or cushion, backyard seat sets are always a good idea. Spend quiet garden time or cool down in the summer afternoons, we all need cozy outdoor seat sets for the summer like these ones from Homesthetics, and Good Housekeeping.

Backyard lantern lights

Dreamy lights and warm breeze can make dull summers into a romantic and cozy warm season. And how do you turn your backyard into a summer night spot? Make backyard lantern lights from old tin cans, old lanterns and boxed up Christmas lights. Look at these ideas from Kita Property, Gardeners and All Things Heart and Home to make backyards look like these from Bedroom Fresh Decor and Tomorrow’s Adventures.

Backyard movie theater

Warm snuggles, backyard benches, lazy boys, picnic baskets, projector and makeshift screens? If you have all of these, bring them out and start your own backyard movie theater for the summer. It is not that hard to put up. For easy designs, look at these ideas from camillestyles.

Backyard DIY pergola

If you have always wanted an outdoor pergola and you have excess wood to spare, you have all the time in the world this summer to make that come true. Outdoor canopies are like small, open gazebos where you could have snacks or even backyard lunches. You could also install your DIY backyard lanterns and lights around the pergola to make it dreamy. Just look at these ideas from DIY Network and Apartment Therapy.

Outdoor Teepee

Summer is definitely for children and to make it fun and exciting for them, why not create teepees for them to camp on, play games in and set up for them a kid’s hideout that they will never forget. They could be a notch up or just simple makeshift teepees to enjoy like these ones from House Beautiful, Decoratorist.

DIY Sprinklers for Kids

Another summer outdoor fun for kids and their friends would be water sprinklers in the backyard. Using PVC pipes, steel hangers and drill, you can make your own sprinklers for your kids like these ones from Home Depot, Awesome Jelly and lindsay and andrew.

Backyard swing

Swing sets provide a summer outdoor fun for both kids and adults and it is always a good summer backyard project to invest in. You can buy an actual set or make wood swings for your reading time or completely build a play set for kids with swings on it like these ones from Home Talk, Plioz, and hoosierhomemade, hgtv,


Summer is a productive season. It brings people together for some water fun, gardening, outdoor activities and a lot more. With these DIY backyard projects for the summer, we hope that we could be of help in adding spice to your summer and have some quality time and activated creative juices in making these possible.


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