15+ Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas to Flare Up Your Home


Like moths to a flame, adding an outdoor firepit in your home makes it a spot where friends and family would perfectly bond and talk over cold drinks and food. It is a space where you could warm up during cold winter days and spring and autumn evenings. Today, we will show you some of the best outdoor firepit ideas that you can consider if you are thinking of putting up one.

15 Outdoor Firepit Ideas

There are three things to consider in deciding about what outdoor fire pit design you should plunge into. First is the outdoor space. Second would be your preference for either gas or charcoal and fire. Third would be the house design (this is to consider the material that shall be used for the outdoor firepit). Taking these three into consideration, here are the six most common designs used for outdoor fire pits. Within each, we will try to cover as many designs as possible.

Circular Stone Fire Pit

The circular stone fire pit is the traditional design for outdoor fire pits. They are mostly constructed with cobblestone in patios with surrounding stone benches and outdoor sofas.

A traditional circular stone fire pit would look just like this from Garden Lovers Club situated at the middle of a concrete paver and enclosed in a stone wraparound.

You can also make it a centerpiece of a garden hideout in your backyard like this cobblestone Montana ledge design circular stone firepit from The Spruce.

Or go all modern with fire glass and smoothed stone surrounded by arched type stone bench and cushion pillows like this one from Black Diamond Landscape.

Rustic Stump Fire Pit

Tree stumps are not leftover trees they say because they could still be transformed into rustic style fire pits. Surround it with concrete pavers or just crushed gravel, add some wood benches or rustic colored ones and you’ll have an outdoor fire pit like no other. Look at these ideas from  Garden Lovers Club, Landscaping UK and Houzz.

In-Ground Fire Pit

In-ground fire pit is like your traditional forest campsite bonfire where the wood and charcoal container is dug within the ground.

There is no limit to how you can modify the design of in-ground fire pits though as long as the basic concept of it firing up from a hole at a depth of at least four inches applies.

You can be minimalist with cushioned sofas and concrete floor perfect for close knit bonding like this one from Farm Food Family.

Or some modern outdoor design with grass in between and decked benches like this one from Home Designing.

Surrounding it with marble or cobblestone paver in a sea of greens would also make the in-ground fire pit as classic as it could get like this one.

Rectangular Fire Pit

Rectangular fire pits are very common for modern houses. They can be mounted on a table to resemble an in-ground one, use electric fire or the traditional wood and fire and be situated in the pool side, garden, patio and balcony of the house. They can be made of cobblestones, flagstones, smoothed concrete, wood or even glass.

Electric fire rectangular fire pits are very elegant to look at. It can be in the middle of cushioned seats or standalone along the garden edges like these from Electric Fireplace Plus  and AuthenTEAK.

Of course, there is also the traditional charcoal and fire rectangular fire pits and here are some design ideas.

Or a modern, high-end restaurant touch with these mounted in-table fire pits.

Modern Style Fire Pit

Modern style fire pits are mostly rectangular using fire glass. They have a dreamy, elegant spark that uses smokeless fire. They could be situated outdoors, in the pool area, near the lanai or in the patio.

You can have a therapeutic swim by the pool along with a calming view of the fire like this one from Home Design Lover.

Or a dreamy Californian-Greek vibe by the balcony, adjacent to the pool, and overlooking the city like this one from One Kin Design.

Or what about building a table-top outdoor firepit by the pool or patio like this one from Lushome.


To conclude, outdoor fire pits are good additions in homes because it adds flare to the aesthetics of the home be it with electric fire or traditional campfire, a cozy nook for family and friends to wind down and bond and a perfect thinking spot to just reflect.

There is no limit to what you can build when it comes to these house fixtures. Just remember the three considerations that we have previously mentioned and if possible, consult with your landscape artist about outdoor firepit projects if you are not confident about your design.


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