35+ Closet Organizing Hacks And Organization Ideas

Closet Organization Ideas

Tips for organizing your closet and choosing a closet system that serves an essential, versatile wardrobe.

Organizing a closet can be a daunting task. Before new purchases are added to an already disorganized and overstuffed closet, a good closet design should be implemented. But how? Organize your wardrobe closets by assessing and sorting what you already own with these easy closet organizing tips.

How to Organize your Wardrobe Closets

Reevaluate every piece of clothing you own and sort into the following piles:

  • Keepers: Clothes in good condition that flatter your figure and fit well.
  • Charity Pile: Good condition clothes that are out-dated, the wrong size, or don’t fit comfortably. If you haven’t worn it in years but have kept in ‘in case’ let it go.
  • Tailoring Pile: Clothes to keep that require some repair work such as torn seams, broken zippers, slacks or skirts that need hemming.
  • Dry cleaning/Storage Pile: Out of season clothes that need to be cleaned and stored until later – if you rotate your closet by season. Store sentimental pieces, such as an old cheerleading uniform, away from the wardrobe closet; valuable closet space is needed for the clothes in regular rotation.
  • Trash Pile: Worn out, stained, faded clothes that cannot be salvaged or given away should be tossed in the trash.

Closet Design

After the charity, trash, and storage pile have been put away, organize your closet keepers into groups, first by season, then by item (slacks, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc.) and finally by color.

  • Hangers: Use sturdy wooden hangers for jackets and coats, plastic hangers for shirts, suit hangers for pants and skirts, and padded hangers for delicate blouses or dresses.
  • Boxes: Anything that will stretch or lose shape on a hanger (tops with beading, knits, and vintage pieces) can go in a wardrobe box and on a shelf.
  • Sweaters: Fold and sort by color and stack on a shelf, or place in baskets.
  • Shoes/Boots: Use hanging shoe sorters to preserve floor space for shoes worn the most often. Other shoes can be stored in their original boxes and stacked on the closet floor. Tall boots can be lined up on the floor or organized in a shoe rack. Use plastic boot shapers to help tall boots retain their shape.
  • Handbags: Group by size, purpose, and color (large, everyday bags; clutches; small, evening bags, etc.) and store on a separate shelf. Stuff them with old t-shirts to retain their shape and place in felt bags.
  • Belts/Scarves: Roll and place in a closet bin or hang on hooks depending on closet design.

Wardrobe Closets – Adding New Pieces to Your Wardrobe

Keep organizing your closet in mind when making new purchases; choose well-cut basics that you can build around and fabrics that bridge seasons. Purchase fewer items of better quality. A wardrobe should be fluid with pieces that relate to each other and add at least two new looks.

Choose classics that are immune to trends such as a classic trench coat, cashmere sweater, sheath dress, crisp button-front white shirt, pencil skirt, tailored blazer, and black pumps. Spend more on quality classics and less on trendy items that will be out of date next year. Add personal style to basics with trendy accessories, a designer bag, or a favorite vintage piece.

With these closet organizing tips, it will be easy to sort the clothes you have, and choose new pieces that will compliment and add versatility to your wardrobe. A good closet design is essential to building a stylish wardrobe on any budget with reduced waste.

Looking for an idea for organizing closet? Here are 35+ closet organizing hacks and organization ideas that will make you master closet.

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We hope these 36 DIY Closet Organizing Hacks helped in organizing your closet and maximize storage space to avoid being late for work or school. Say goodbye to unwanted messes with these hacks.


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