30+ Awesome DIY HorseShoe Craft Projects


Horseshoes are home to a number of positive and negative superstitions. You can find this thing in several parts of the world. In some places, they are used extensively for good luck. But if someone thinks that horseshoes are only good for vague superstitions, then that person couldn’t be more wrong.

They can actually be used for a number of varied purposes. You can use these amazingly creative horseshoe DIY things to make your home look even more beautiful than it already is. Here are 30 amazing horseshoe DIY projects that will simply blow your mind.

1. Horseshoe Key-Hanger

Horseshoe Key-Hanger

You can fashion out a key-hanger from a simple horseshoe. This is a relatively easy thing to do, and you would only need some nails, a hammer and a horseshoe. 


2. Horseshoe Towel holder

Horseshoe Towel holder

You can also fashion out a towel holder with horseshoes. They are fun and innovative and are cheaper than actual towel holders.


3. Horseshoe Flowers

Horseshoe Flowers

You can also transform horseshoes into fake flowers for your garden. You can paint them in whichever colors you want to make them look more vibrant and prettier. 


4. Horseshoe Photo frame

Horseshoe Photo frame

You can make a photo frame out of a horseshoe as well. You can add in some glitter and other ornaments too to make it look prettier. Before it, you need to sand the top layer of a horseshoe with an electric sander for furniture to get more adhesion for paint.

5. Shoe-Rack from Horseshoes

Shoe-Rack from Horseshoes

You can also make a shoe-rack from a few horseshoes. You can keep your boots and other shoes in this particular shoe-rack. 


6. Horseshoe Wall-Hanging

Horseshoe Wall-Hanging

You can also make a number of wall hangings using horseshoes of various types. You can add in fake flowers and rhinestones as well, to make them look better.


7. Horseshoe Candle Holder

Horseshoe Candle Holder

This is something unique that you can make out of horseshoes. You can make amazing candleholders or tables for candles using these horseshoes. 


8. Horseshoe Door-Hanging

Horseshoe Door-Hanging

You can fashion out a beautiful door hanging using some horseshoes, and some ribbons. A bow looks particularly welcoming in this regard.


9. Horseshoe Double Photo frame

Horseshoe Double Photo frame

You can also make out a double photo frame using two horseshoes and hang it on the wall. 

10. Horseshoe Towel Rack

Horseshoe Towel Rack

You can also make a handkerchief rack out of some extra horseshoes. 

11. Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

Horseshoe Jewelry Holder

You can also make an amazing Horseshoe Jewelry Holder using some extra horseshoes, some nails and some decorative items. 

12. Horseshoe Love Hanging

Horseshoe Love Hanging

This is a unique thing that you can fashion out of horseshoes. You can make love hanging with a few letters and a horseshoe.

13. Coat and Hat hanger

Coat and Hat hanger

You can also make a coat and hat hanger using several unwanted horseshoes. You can use these on your bedroom wall. 


14. Flower Jar Holders

Flower Jar Holders

You can make beautiful Flower Jar Holders with flowers using some extra horseshoes in your home, and some nails and hammer.


15. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

You can fashion out a toilet paper holder using some horseshoes and some nails. 

16. Horseshoe Welcome Sign

Horseshoe Welcome Sign

You can make a beautiful Welcome sign using some of your extra horseshoes. You can paint it with whatever colors you want, and hang it near or door or in your garden. 


17. Horseshoe Soda Holder

Horseshoe Soda Holder

You can also make a sods holder with horseshoes. You can attach them on a bucket to keep the soda and ice in the same place. 


18. Horseshoe Wind Chime

Horseshoe Wind Chime

You can make a Goodluck Horseshoe wind chime, which you can also use as a door hanging using extra horseshoes. 


19. Horseshoe Wine Holder

Horseshoe Wine Holder

You can also make a wonderful wine holder using few horseshoes. 

20. Horseshoe Hearts

Horseshoe Hearts

Because of their unique shape, you can also make out hearts out of horseshoes. 

21. Horseshoe bench

Horseshoe bench

You can also use horseshoes to build a bench for yourself. You might need a few horseshoes, some nails, glue and hammer.

Source: tailspinbracelets

22. Horseshoe Salt and Pepper Holder

Horseshoe Salt and Pepper Holder

You can also use horseshoes to build a wonderful salt and pepper holder. 


23. Horseshoe Glass Frame

Horseshoe Glass Frame

You can use horseshoes to decorate a glass frame at home. 

24. Magazine Holder

Horseshoe Magazine Holder

You can use several horseshoes to build a magazine holder in your home. This is a unique and innovative idea.


25. Cupboard Handles

Horseshoe Cupboard Handles

You can also make cupboard handles using horseshoes. 

Source: thefuntimesguide

26. Painted Horseshoe

Painted Horseshoe

You can paint some horseshoes in interesting colors and shades, and turn them into wall hangings. 


27. Horseshoe Collage

Horseshoe Collage

You can also make an amazing collage by using a few horseshoes. 


28. Horseshoe Snowman

Horseshoe Snowman

You can also make out a unique snowman using horseshoes. 


29. Horseshoe Toothpaste holder

Horseshoe Toothpaste holder

You can also use horseshoes to make sturdy toothpaste holders. 


30. Door Knock

Horseshoe Door Knock

This is one of the most common uses of horseshoes. You can use them to make door knocks. 



Horseshoes are beneficial in many ways, therefore, the next time you throw an old one out, rethink that idea. 



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