19+ Clever Home Hacks That’ll Make Your Home More Cleaner and Organized


Cleaning your house sometimes gives you a lot of stress and fatigue. The fun fact is that if you follow some hacks to do all those regular acts, they might save your effort and time for sure, and make your home cleaner.

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1. Use empty gift wrap roll on the end of the vacuum cleaner to reach the places which were not possible before

Can’t clean the mess in heightened places? No need to stress upon, just use a gift wrap roll and you can suck all the dust from the out of reach places.

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2. Wrap microfiber towels around salad tongs to easily clean the dust 

Wrap microfiber towels around salad tongs to easily clean the dust 

You need to have rubber bands, towels and salad tongs to create dusting material like never before. You can clean the places where your hand wasn’t able to reach, just by pulling it back and forth over there.



3. Turn toilet paper rolls into a storage for spare cords 

Turn toilet paper rolls into a storage for spare cords

Just cut the toilet paper roll into half and put them into a box. Mark every roll, according to the things you will store in them.



4. Tiny pieces of trash are really hard to pick up. You can use a lint roller to fetch all the mirror pieces and other stuff lying on the floor or mat.

Tiny pieces of trash are really hard to pick up. You can use a lint roller to fetch all the mirror pieces and other stuff lying on the floor or mat.





5. People don’t really have time to refill the soap dispenser on a regular basis. So, you can attach a giant bottle to it with clear tubing so that the soap dispenser doesn’t get empty every day.


6. Use vinyl placemats in the shelves of inside your fridge to make cleaning easier 

Scrubbing off the food stains and attached food particles on the shelves irritate a lot. Just use vinyl placemats so you can take them off and clean them much easily.



7. Use zip tie and push them down the drain to pull out bulks of hair 

You can use wire cutters to snip tiny cuts on either side of  a zip tie and then push them down to clear any minor blockage in the drain.



8. Use carabiner clip to keep all the hair ties together at one place

The hair ties get lost very easily and are surely hectic to find. The best way to keep them all together is to attach them with a carabiner clip, so they don’t fall anywhere.



9. Get rid of a dirty pan by using warm water, dish soap and a dryer sheet

Just by putting the dryer sheet on a dirty pan for an hour can brighten up your pan. Don’t empty the water once you take off the dryer sheet, just wipe it with a sponge.



10. Attach plastic wrap or aluminum foil with a hook to have an easy one-handed tear 

Put the hooks on a wall then stick the plastic wrap or aluminum foil to it. Once you do that, you will save much space and will have an easy way to tear the foil. 



 11. Get an oven liner and put it across the rack so all the food stains fall on it

Lay the oven liner in the bottom rack of the oven, so if the food particles fall during the baking phenomena, you can easily take out the oven liner.

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12. Cut out the stuck tangled hairs in the vacuum cleaner with a seam ripper 

While you clean your floor, hairs get stuck into your vacuum’s roller brush, you can use a seam ripper to properly cut them and clean your vacuum’s brush.



13. Dusting on top of the kitchen cabinets is the hardest, the perfect hack to it is that you can lay paper bags on top of them. Once they are layered with dust, just change them. 




14. Place file holders in the fridge to make few extra shelves for yourself 

Either keep the file holders upright or in any other position, they will certainly get you more space in your fridge or freezer. 



15. Store cereal and grains in empty glass bottles to carefully pour just the right amount and keep everything fresh.


Don’t let your empty glass bottles go to waste, use them to store cereals and any other grains.



16. If you have too many products in your washroom, hand a mesh shoe organizer 

For the people having vast products in the restroom, you can use a mesh shoe organizer to keep all your products organized.




17. Use a broom to clean your tub instead of jumping in to clean it

The easiest way to clean your tub is to use a broom, you can literally get it tidy by standing nearby rather than going in the tub for the service.




18. Use command hooks to stop garbage bags from falling into the can

Command hooks will not only stretch the garbage bags but will also keep them in place, so it becomes an easy disposal later.



19. Get S-shaped hooks instead of hangers to save money 

S-shaped hook is much more efficient and cheaper than hangers, as they serve the same purpose, either to hang a coat or a jean.



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