20+ Creative DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas


Are you into rustic themes or did you already opt for a farmhouse look in your home decorations? We shouldn’t neglect the bedroom, of course! It’s fun to add a vintage touch in it.

Here we included easy bed headboards decorative ideas, simple bedroom rearrangements, to DIY sewing projects that can spice up your bedrooms and follow the rest of your home’s rustic aesthetic.

20 DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Refurbish Old Wood into Wall Art or Signs

Refurbish Old Wood into Wall Art or Signs

If you have old wood, don’t throw it away, easily make a fun and unique rustic wall art or sign to add in your bedroom that adults and kids alike will adore, and it can be easily hung or placed anywhere. Simply refurbish the wood into whatever stain you want and add your unique touch to it, add a love quote, etc.

2. Add a Fireplace in Your Bedroom

Add a Fireplace in Your Bedroom


If you already have a fireplace in your bedroom then you’re good, with the addition of a fireplace it will give the vibes of a country farmhouse. If you don’t have one there are many faux fireplaces in the market right now for your convenience.

3. Wood Sign with Calligraphy Art

Wood Sign with Calligraphy Art


Add an inspirational quote and put it into a wooden frame and there you have it, another type of rustic wall art to add in your bedroom.

4. Antique Windowpane Picture Frame

Antique Windowpane Picture Frame


For married couples, grab a vintage old windowpane you have one and refurbish it or buy one in an antique store, place it over your wedding picture to add a rustic touch to your special memory.

5. DIY Bed Headboards

DIY Bed Headboards


Make your headboards unique by adding your unique flair to it, by adding refurbished wood to the bed’s headboard or other materials that stick with the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

6. Old Fruit Wood Crate Stand

Old Fruit Wood Crate Stand


Refurbish and paint an old wooden fruit crate to your preference to add a unique vanity to it. Perfect for placing mirrors and other small decorative trinkets in your bedroom.

7. Wooden Curtain Rods

Wooden Curtain Rods


Use wooden poles or make your own wooden curtain rods to follow the farmhouse aesthetic.

8. Wooden Ladder Photo Stand Display

Wooden Ladder Photo Stand Display

Refurbish an old wooden ladder and turn into a rustic photo stand display, display your family pictures sticking with the farmhouse style.

9. Add A Rocking Chair to Your Bedroom

Add A Rocking Chair to Your Bedroom


Rocking chairs are a staple in any farmhouse, add this piece of furniture in your bedroom to add in the authenticity or vibes of a farmhouse just like back in Grandma’s during our childhood.

10. Rustic Chicken Wire Photo Frames

Rustic Chicken Wire Photo Frames


Got extra chicken wire? Make a unique art piece by making your very own chicken wire photo frames. A fun piece to add in the bedroom.

11. Wooden Initials

Wooden Initials

For a simple and cute decor piece to add in your bedroom, hang wooden letters above your bed, these wooden initials can be bought in stores or you can carve them out yourselves.

12. Photos of Farm Animals

Photos of Farm Animals


What’s a farmhouse theme without farm animals? Add photos of cute farm life in your bedroom to truly embrace the aesthetic of a farmhouse.

13. Mini Wooden Ladder Decorative Piece

Mini Wooden Ladder Decorative Piece


Refurbish old wood or ladder and trim it to turn it into a rustic decorative piece to add in your bedroom for a full farmhouse effect.

14. Ladder Bedside Bookshelf

Ladder Bedside Bookshelf


Here’s another use for an old wooden ladder, put wooden planks in between the steps and you get yourself a unique bedside bookshelf.

15. Farmhouse Style Nightstand Alternatives

Farmhouse Style Nightstand Alternatives


Replace your nightstands with rustic alternatives to follow the farmhouse theme with things such as antique trunks and wooden fruit crates.

16. Wooden Jewelry Holder

Wooden Jewelry Holder


Replace your traditional jewelry holders by making your own wooden jewelry holder by simply refurbishing old wood and putting hooks on it.

17. Wooden Chair Bedside Table

Wooden Chair Bedside Table

Give your old wooden chair a makeover to your preference and place it beside your bed and use it as a quirky rustic bedside table.

18. Rustic Memo Board

Rustic Memo Board


Make a unique farmhouse style memo board for your bedroom to keep up with your daily activities with the use of chicken wire and a beautiful wooden frame.

19. Bathroom Sliding Barn doors

Bathroom Sliding Barn doors


To complete a farmhouse, one needs a barn, add fun and rustic vibes to your bedroom bathroom by installing a convenient sliding barn door.

20. Farmhouse Style Rustic Wooden Bedroom Bench

Farmhouse Style Rustic Wooden Bedroom Bench


Add little wooden benches to your bedroom for your convenience and to further embrace the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.


These 20 DIY Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas are ideal and perfect for those who want to add rustic farmhouse flair to their bedrooms to match their home’s rustic interior and decorations. From long-term to short-term DIY projects, these ideas will truly complete your farmhouse bedroom aesthetic.

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