20 Fun Make-up Ideas Will Make You Look Beautiful on Halloween


One of the most fun, and chilling, dates of the year is the night of October 31. And although Halloween masks and costumes are already a tradition, sometimes we can not invest so much time in an elaborate costume.

So if you’re looking for a more original and less terrifying touch, these 20 makeup designs for Halloween will inspire you. Win the costume contest or simply get the best selfie with your group of friends thanks to these great ideas!

1. A sexy lion

Woman made up as a lion

Get the look here.

2. The trend will be the Knifeliner

Delineated in the form of a knife with blood

Learn to do this style here.

3. A pop art portrait

Woman with makeup of white and pink colors

You can inspire yourself with your favorite colors.

4. Woman Wonder of comics

Woman with makeup and costume of the wonder woman

Get the look here.

5. Makeup melting on skull

Woman with makeup face melting

Learn to achieve this idea only here.

6. A tender look of deer

Woman made up as bandaged

Recreate such a cute makeup only here.

7. Get Inspired by Snapchat’s Rainbow Filter

Woman with mouth filter snap chat

Get the look here.

8. Also get inspired by the dog filter

Woman made up like dog filter snapchat

Learn to make up your dog nose here.

9. Half skull and half diva

Blond woman with half her face painted skeleton

Master the skull makeup here.

10. A lovely mermaid

Blonde girl with mermaid makeup

You can recreate this look here.

11. Draw an elegant eye mask

Woman with make-up with eye mask

You will learn to do it here.

12. Gatubela will never go out of style

Woman with make-up with cat mask

Achieve the look only here.

13. An original vintage photo

Woman with black and white makeup

Learn this fun idea here.

14. A makeup inspired by Scream Queens

Woman with knife and devil makeup on eyes

Get this delineated devil only here.

15. The sexiest devil of the party

Woman made up as devil

Get inspired here.

16. Double vision makeup

Woman with make-up with eyes and lips

Achieve this crazy idea only here.

17. A glitter closure under your face

Woman with make-up with zipper on her face

Learn how to make up this closure here.

18. The gypsy woman who reads the future

Blond woman dressed as gypsy with crystal ball

Achieve the look here.

19. A cute and terrifying doll

Woman made up as a doll

Achieve this style here.

20. Something simple but sexy

Woman made up with halloween pumpkin

Get an equal look here.


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