15+ Spooky Halloween Kitchen Ideas


From lines of pumpkin to endless spider webs and witches’ brooms, there are many ways to make the kitchen the ultimate spooky space where everyone could dine over bloody Mary grape juice, spooky Jell-O for the kids and just simple candy classifying before trick or treating. To give your kitchen the green light for a spookier, bewitching Halloween, here are some kitchen ideas for that. 

15 spooky Halloween kitchen ideas

Halloween is that time of the year when the effort to craft spooky decorations become an important family time since all the parts of the house should feel the vibe. The kitchen is a place where everyone is gathered at the end of the day so these are 15 spooky Halloween kitchen ideas for you to consider. 

1. Hand Painted Wooden Spoons for Halloween

Transform those wooden ladles, spoons and forks by hand painting them with safe acrylic paints. Make a pumpkin family out of them or maybe a Casper the ghost and friends and maybe even paint the container with orange and black colors like this one from Pinterest

2. Halloween Cabinet Ribbons for Kitchen Decor


Adorn your cupboards with large, brown ribbons used in memorial wreaths or black ribbons where small Jack-O lanterns will hang. You can also cut out bat wings from large black ribbons and put them in your kitchen cabinets like these from Woman’s Day and Country Living. 

3. Batty bats

Using black construction paper, adhesives, black yarn, a few twigs and dim lights to top them off, paper bats will turn your kitchen into a witches’ kitchen like the one in Hansel and Gretel in no time like this one from Summer Kitchen Interiors.

4. Ghost Refrigerator

You can transform your ref into Casper by attaching two ghost eye like foams and one ghost mouth with magnets. Cut the foams in eye and mouth patterns from Casper and use the magnets as adhesives for them to be easily removed after like this one from Jeans Crafty Corner.

5. Tattered Halloween Curtains

You can sew them using extra black cloths if you have the time. But if not, you can always have crepe paper as fallback. Just cut them irregularly until they look tattered. You can attach them in the curtain rod one by one through adhesives or you can use a transparent nylon for hanging like this one from Tonya Dusold.

6. Skeleton in the kitchen


You can do this in two ways actually. You can buy a plastic skeleton from the store and hang it on the kitchen door, tiny ones that you could hang in cupboards or make a skeleton shaped vegetable and fruit board like these from Food Network and Town and Country Living.

7. Magnetic spider decorations


This one is a no-brainer but it is as spooky as it could get. All you have to do is buy a lot of magnetic spider packs. Distribute them in the house, put them all over the refrigerator, the oven, the kitchen cabinets, everything. Adding a bit of spider web and Jack-O lantern on the side will also help like this one from What Che Said.

8. Spooky Fridge

Fill up the fridge and put gooey slime or detachable rolling eyes on the cans of soda and fruits and other food like this one from Lemon Thistle and watch the kids reaction. We bet it is going to be priceless!

9. Creepy cloth

It is time to be creative on those black fishing nets, black stockings or that lacey cloth they use for veils. You can use it as a table runner complete with skull candleholders, old candelabras or hang it out as curtains like this one from Sew Woodsy

10. Witch hats


You can buy them in stores or just make one out of scratch. Make cutouts out of unused cardboards or boxes and spray paint them with black. Make a twisted witch hat, a pointed one, there’s no limit to what you could do out of witch hats like this one from the Shining on Design.

11. Halloween kitchen hutch

Transform your kitchen hutch by arranging your chinaware in a Halloween backdrop with Jack-O lantern faces, small skulls and old lanterns like this one from Big Chill. 

12. Halloween table

And for the ultimate Halloween dinner, buy some Halloween placemats, kitchen napkins, Jewish candelabras, medieval wine goblets and a customized Halloween menu for family and friends just like this one from Pretty Designs

13. Witchy cauldron

No witch kitchen is ever complete without a creepy cauldron, so you have to notch it up a bit. Take that old, large pot, paint it in black and put spider webs around it. Mix your punch there or pour a lot of ice for your soda and beer session with friends like this one from Big Chill.

14. Ghostly flowers

You can do it with white, fresh flowers or just buy black, artificial ones. The white flowers could be dipped in black or midnight blue dye and just ramp up the kitchen and living room with these. Get a white or black vase to make it all spookier or use a skull as vase like this one from Taste of Home

15. Bewitching kitchen potpourri

We depend so much on potpourris for all those mixed musky, interesting scents in the living room and in the kitchen. Equally dying them with black or all-dark colors and painting a Jack-O lantern face in the container would make it all set for Halloween like this one from Houzz.


These ideas are not that hard to make. All you need is some skills with the scissors, ingenuity and the desire to really put that spooky heart on. Halloween is several months away and we believe that you will pull off the most bewitching Halloween kitchen with all of these.




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