How to Create a Garden-Inspired Roof Terrace


There are several benefits in having a roof terrace such as an overall improved aesthetic appeal for your property as well as an additional amenity space. A roof terrace can also reduce your rooftop and entire building maintenance while improving its energy efficiency. This article delves into how you can create a garden-inspired roof terrace for your property.

Embrace The Open Space

One of the primary things that you need to do to create a garden-inspired roof terrace is to keep it open. In this case, the roofing experts behind London Asphalt suggest that you consider mastic asphalt for your roofing, along with transparent glass instead of a parapet wall.

With this, you will have a spacious flat surface, as well as an expanded view, allowing you to embrace an open space on your rooftop.

Leverage Raised Beds

Another thing that you can do to create a garden-inspired roof terrace is to leverage raised beds, as long as your roof will be able to support it. Just keep in mind to leverage raised beds that are adjacent to the walls to fully further maximize the space that you have.

In this case, you can choose from different types of materials for your raised beds such as wood or metal. However, this entails the need for a waterproofing membrane, as well as a thick root barrier to prevent any damage to your roof in case you intend to grow tall shrubs and small trees on your raised beds.

Create A Focal Point

To enhance the visual appeal of your roof terrace, it is a good idea to create a focal point or that area in your space where the eyes of the visitors will be drawn. In this case, you can make use of a water feature, a tall tree, or even a neatly arranged group of plants in attractive pots.

You can also utilize the furniture to create a focal point but you need to consider the activities that you will most likely do on your roof terrace for you to be able to get the furniture that suits your needs.

Focus On Lighting

Finally, focus on the lighting that you will integrate into your roof terrace. Make sure that your roof terrace is well-lit, particularly during the evening.

There are several types of light effects that you can choose from but it is a good idea if you use light that can enhance the colors of your roof terrace. As much as possible, limit your color scheme to three or even less to ensure that your roof terrace will neither look too cluttered or cramped.

The benefits of having a roof terrace outweigh the minor drawbacks, which is why you should consider having one. In line with this, consider adapting the ideas listed above such as maximizing your open space or leveraging raised beds.

There is also the option for you to create a focal point or focus on your lighting. In the end, you will have the perfect garden-inspired roof terrace that can significantly improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.


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