How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently


An air conditioning system plays a pivotal role in cooling or heating our homes depending on the weather outlook during a particular day. However, AC units just like other electronic devices are prone to malfunction one day since they are exposed to different particles that can affect their operations.

The good news is that you can extend the lifespan of your system by performing regular maintenance services that are easy to do. Read on to learn how to keep your air conditioner efficiently.

Keep the Thermostat Away From Other Appliances

You must keep the AC’s thermostat away from other appliances that produce heat in your home since they can affect its normal functioning. The thermostat can’t gauge the temperature accurately if it is located near hot spots like windows, lamps, or stoves. If your system is older and located in the wrong place, consult a certified technician to fix the problem so that you do not experience challenges like increased utility bills every month.

Clean the Coils

Before you clean the coils, turn off the air conditioner, and carefully read the user guide so that you can do the right thing. Clean coils help your unit to run efficiently, and they also help save energy since your unit will not be strained by dirt and other unwanted particles. Proper airflow maintenance through the maintenance of condenser and evaporator coils ensures that the compressor runs as recommended.

Cover the Windows

Closing the blinds and curtains during the day to prevent heat from entering the house is a smart way of boosting your AC’s efficiency. Preventing heat from the sun will help your system work in a normal way without overloading it. You must also keep the windows closed when the AC is running to prevent overworking your system.

Replace Filters

Changing your filter regularly is the most critical part of air conditioner maintenance, and you should do it at least every three to six months. Different types of filters include standard fiberglass and a cardboard frame, electrostatic, and pleated.

Therefore, you must consult a professional or check the air conditioner user guide before you buy filters for your unit. Air filters are responsible for removing things like dust, mold, pollen, smoke, dander, and bacteria from the air to prevent clogging over time. You need to change the filter regularly so that you can keep your HVAC running efficiently.

Depending on the size of your air filtration system, pleated filters usually perform better than fiberglass ones since they can remove about 85% of particles from the air. When buying an air filter for your unit, you must consider its size and capacity to clean the air. Buying your air filters in bulk is another good idea that can help you ensure that your HVAC system continues running smoothly.

Schedule Routine Maintenance With a Professional

You must schedule routine maintenance with a professional to ensure that your AC is running efficiently for longer. Professionals have the expertise to diagnose the system so that they can recommend the appropriate action to take to ensure that the system is functioning well.

Scheduled maintenance and repair can be performed at least once every six months or every year depending on your budget. However, there shall come a time when your AC unit reaches the end of its lifespan, and it may be costly to keep on trying to repair it. The only option that you have is to replace the system and buy an efficient system.

Adjust the Thermostat

When it is hot outside, you can increase the temperature of the thermostat by a few degrees to prevent the air conditioner from overworking. Alternatively, a programmable thermostat can help maintain the daily temperature requirements when you are not around. This approach can prolong AC’s life span while at the same time maintaining the efficiency of the system.

Insulate Exposed Ducts

Exposed ducts can lead to air leakage, so you should ensure that they are correctly insulated using the right material. However, you may need to call a professional with the right knowledge and equipment to insulate the ducts.

Regular cleaning of the ducts is also essential to make sure that your air conditioner is running efficiently.

Clean air ducts also help improve the quality of indoor air. The ducts collect pollutants and dust over time, and these particles can clog the air filtration system. When the ducts are clean, your air conditioning system can run efficiently which helps to save energy.

Keep the Outdoor Condenser Clean

You must keep your AC’s outdoor condenser unit clean since it is vital for its efficiency. Make sure that the area around the condenser is free of debris like leaves and grass that can affect the airflow into the system. You should take time to inspect the unit to ensure that it is free of particles that can affect the quality of air supplied inside the home.

Similarly, you must also clean the drain line given that the AC units function by removing moisture in the air apart from cooling your home. The drain can be blocked or overflows that leads to severe damage to the air conditioner. A cup of chlorine can help clean your drain, and you should also pour a gallon of water down the system.

Tighten Air Conditioner’s Belts

Your AC unit consists of belts that operate the fans of the unit to cool the air. The belts can get worn over time, and they affect the normal functioning of your system that can end up freezing. You should regularly check if the belts are tight, or you can consider replacing them when they are worn out.

An air conditioning system plays a pivotal role in cooling our homes when it is hot. Other units have dual functions, where they also provide warmth when it is cold. However, an AC unit needs proper maintenance and service to ensure that it runs efficiently over a long time.

There are different steps that you can take to keep your unit in good working condition, so check out our guide and make sure you follow them thoroughly to keep your unit running without any issues all-year-round.

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