How To Freshen Up An Old School Kitchen


Kitchens get used so frequently that they start looking old and tired in no time. You may not be in a position to undertake extensive repairs and make your kitchen shiny and new. However, these tips will have you whistling as you cook up some of your favorite meals in no time. 

1. Change The Lighting

Changing lighting can make a big difference in your kitchen and provide added practicality.

Adding a pendant light will not only give your kitchen a modern look, but it’ll also provide more light over your work area. 

Some of the ways you can use lighting to give your kitchen a modern feel include using stainless steel to contrast the pendant. This way, the pendants take center stage, deceiving the eye into disregarding track lighting.

Don’t ignore lighting points like on top of cabinets or below cabinetry. Even though a few configurations may need wiring, you’d be surprised with the lighting options available to make this task simple. 

2. Change Your Counter Stools

You don’t need to do an entire kitchen demolition to give it a new look. Freshening up an old school kitchen can be as simple as changing the major furniture pieces. 

Although your chairs or stools may be functional, they may severely lack design aspects that make a space look more modern. Trade them for some trendy pieces to make a significant difference.

3. Put Up A Pot Rack

This is an easy but visually appealing addition to your kitchen. Installing a pot rack frees up space and adds an appealing element to your kitchen.  

There are various pot racks you can choose from. You can achieve a modern, country, industrial, or any other look you may want based on the make. 

As a functional component, ceiling-hung racks add charm to your kitchen. Such elements make your kitchen look unique. 

Consider installing a trendy pot rack above your island if you have granite and a rich wood kitchen to add even more character to your space. 

Pots are characteristically industrial and practical-looking. Therefore, there’s no need to invest in expensive copper pots — just use your existing pots. 

4. Opt For Open Shelving

Your kitchen cabinets could be making your kitchen look outdated. One way to remodel old kitchen cabinets is to remove the doors as long as the cabinets are in good shape. Then, paint and sand the interior and the door frames. 

Put beautiful cups and plates in the now open cabinets. If your glasses and dishes don’t complement each other, purchase a new set of budget-friendly modern kitchenware. This will make a big difference in your kitchen. 

You can also go to an antique shop or a flea market to shop for unique teacups, jars or casserole dishes. Not only will they make your kitchen vibrant, but they’ll also be functional.  

5. Remodel The Splashback

If you’re looking for a more pronounced change for your kitchen, consider renovating your splashback.  

If your splashback has been there for some time, chances are it has stains that won’t go away, or it’s extremely outdated. Updating the splashback will be like breathing new life into your kitchen, especially if it’s in a vibrant hue. 

You can opt for a lysekil double-sided white marble effect if you are looking for a quick way to create a splashback effect without requiring tiling. 

Since the panels can be glued, they can easily cover a preexisting splashback for a quick and painless kitchen renovation. 

You can do this task yourself if you have time or seek professional help. 

6. Change The Fittings And Handles

Another essential component when you want to change your kitchen’s style is upgrading fittings and fixtures — this costs less than replacing the cabinet doors. You can purchase a variety of trendy handle designs from IKEA.

When it comes to kitchen renovation, a fast and budget-friendly way to spruce up the kitchen is by changing door handles. You can also remodel other hardware like taps to go with the new faucets. Minor touch-ups like these can make a significant impact on your kitchen.  

To make the remodeling as simple as possible, go for handles that allow you to reuse the existing screw hole. 

7. Consider Using The Wall As Storage

You can use vertical storage solutions to free up cupboard space. Use the free space on a wall as a focal point for impressive kitchen wall decor.

You can also hang utensils and saucepans from a rack to add a new design element. Use S-hooks to hang the pans stylishly. 

Fasten each end of the rack with strong brackets to ensure it holds the weight put on it. 

8. Change The Blinds

Switching window drapes doesn’t have to cost a lot. As a dominant element, this effortless yet effective method can add a dash of fresh color, texture and pattern to refresh an outdated kitchen design instantaneously.  

Here, a textured linen material helps add a refined rustic, chic look — ideal for enhancing a navy kitchen. You can buy small, low-priced blinds from most retailers. 

If you have a small kitchen, frame your windows with lightweight material to add a flair of design to the space. Keep off patterns if you have tiny windows to avoid making your space look crowded. 

Bottom Line

You should consider all the above if you’re looking to renovate your kitchen. Ensure you go over what you’re working with to ascertain that the concept will suit your home. Some ideas might work well for some kitchens, but not others. 

Happy Kitchen Remodeling! Because ultimately, a happy kitchen equals enjoyable and hearty meals.

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