How to write a 7-page essay


As is often the case with students, work on time-consuming and large tasks is postponed until the very last moment. We either simply forget about the assignment, or we procrastinate all week until the day before the deadline.

And then, we come across the same sticker with the task “write a 7-page essay by Thursday.” Panic and thoughts of a sleepless night will overwhelm anyone. But do not despair. We offer you a plan of emergency actions when the time is limited, and a huge essay must be handed in in the morning. And the secret of success is the organization of time. Don’t hesitate to pay to get your essay done from Us Essays Writers at any time.

Get ready for work

Make sure that nothing distracts you from your essay work. Turn off notifications on your phone and close all distracting links in your browser. If you’re having trouble fighting the master of procrastination in you and your hand is still trying to check on Instagram or Facebook, then put a blocker on these applications until you finish your essay.

Speaking of time. You should assess your strength and understand how much time it will take you to write a 7-page essay. If you do not get distracted but work at the same pace, you can do it in 2 hours. Does it sound unreal? Let’s give it a try.

Construct a plan and thesis

Read the topic several times and analyze if you understand it correctly. Throw in a list of ideas that you associate with the topic. Do a little research on the availability of material, and if there is enough, proceed to formulate a thesis. The thesis should be specific. It should reflect only what is covered in the essay itself and be accompanied by specific facts. Make sure that your thesis can be argued and proved. It is not necessary just to state the facts and express your taste preferences.

Your plan should literally be the skeleton of your essay. This is not just a list of the phrases “introduction, main body, and conclusion.” You must divide your work into parts and describe the main ideas, arguments, and evidence for each item. This way, you will already have a general structure of your essay to build your textual muscles.

Conduct a research

Do you know why it is essential to research before you start writing a paper? Because the facts and materials you will find may lead you to a dead end. The topic and your arguments may not be appropriate, and you will waste your precious time. During your research, pay special attention to reliable and respectable sources of information. Go to your college’s online library and see what you can find there — articles, research papers, books. Remember to prepare your sources immediately for quoting and to compile a list of literature. It is easier and faster to do this now than to go back to the process again.

Begin writing

As a rule, all students sit here and stare at a blank sheet of paper. They may sit there for an hour if they do not start working. I offer you a win-win scheme for writing the main body of your work.

  1. Briefly formulate the main idea of the first subtopic of our essay in the first sentence;
  2. Carry out a little analysis and prove why your idea and the previous sentence can be considered true;
  3. It’s time to prove your point with facts and evidence. The most important thing at this stage is to ensure that your data is from reliable sources and not from Reddit;
  4. Link your evidence and facts to the argument from the second sentence to show that your evidence supports the main idea from the first sentence;
  5. Here, you can insert a quote that supports what you are saying. However, you should not overdo it and turn your essay into one big quote of aphorisms. Otherwise, your own thoughts will be lost and will not carry any value;
  6. Analyze the quote and show how it relates to the topic and supports the idea of the subtopic.

This structure is easy to adhere to throughout the main body of the work. The main thing is not to overdo it with quotations, express your opinion, and not forget facts from reliable sources.

Draw conclusions

Reread your essay and try to be brief and concise about the main idea you are trying to convey to your readers. Consistently, as in the essay, express your conclusions after written, remind about the main aspects of the problem you are investigating. In addition, the use of this technique will help you better understand your essay, to develop a certain consistency of the text, to emphasize the main thing.

Take a pause

It’s time to drink some water or stretch out a little before going to bed. Take a short pause and get your essay out of your head. This will make it easier for you to check it for errors and take a fresh look at it. Ideally, you should go to bed and finish your essay tomorrow. But if the time is running out, then 15-30 minutes is enough.

Final touches

It’s time to reread your essay and correct the mistakes. Read it only once and go through the list of literature and bring it to the right format. Drink more water and get back to your work. Read your work slowly and aloud — it will help you notice all the errors you may have already missed.

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