A quick look into the merits of basil, a plant that combines several health benefits and helps fighting various ailments.

Basil is a plant that is grown in many Asian homes. In many parts of India, the plant is worshipped and used in sacred ceremonies as it is considered to be a holy plant.

Also, it is believed that the holy basil protects to ward off evils and ill-health in a household. Medical practitioners claim that this herb has miraculous curative qualities that help to fight several ailments.

Medical Benefits of Basil: A Medicinal Herb that Works Wonders

Fights Common Cold

Basil leaves are considered to be a great medicine when it comes to healing common cold and cough.

An effective broth prepared with the juice or paste of basil leaves is known to have a soothing effect on people suffering from cold.

The broth is prepared by mixing mashed basil leaf paste or juice in clean, boiled water. This mixture comforts an irritated throat and windpipe. With regular doses everyday, it provides great relief and reduces cough.

Fights Respiratory Problems

Basil is considered as a great healer for people afflicted with respiratory disorders. Chronic bronchitis and asthma are two diseases that can be controlled by consuming a basil, ginger and honey mixture.

People who detest consuming pills can resort to this healing procedure for curing their ailment. If one does not want to drink a mixture, eating a single basil leaf on an every day basis keeps away a lot of ailments.

Helps Irritable Skin

Basil is largely beneficial to people with sensitive and irritable skin. Often specific skin disorders are also cured by applying basil juice.

For instance, people suffering from ringworm get a lot of relief by applying basil juice. This is one reason why basil extracts are often used in facial masks and other beauty products.

According to Patricia Zelm-Emmart in the August 7, 2009 examiner.com article “Health Benefits of Basil,” basil contains elements that make it an “effective antiseptic and anti-bacterial home remedy.”

Reduces Cardiac Problems and Stress

According to whfoods.com, basil contains magnesium which aids the cardiovascular system and soothes one’s blood vessels.

People suffering from cardiac disorders are often prescribed by doctors to consume basil juice everyday. It helps in smooth functioning of one’s heart and also aids blood circulation. Basil works wonders for people with a high cholesterol level.

Other than this, basil is a successful anti-stress agent. People who are stressed out because of work and other reasons should consume basil leaves every day. It soothes the nervous system and controls one’s stress level. Basil is a plant that is grown in many Asian homes.

Medical Benefits of Basil: A Medicinal Herb that Works Wonders