Halloween Party Ideas: Theme Ideas for Halloween Invitations, Music, Decorations, Party Food

It’s the perfect time to start planning your Halloween Party. Whether your event will be indoors or outdoors, you can find tips and ideas here!

The season of haunting is just around the corner, and now is a great time to put together your thoughts for Halloween Party Ideas. Invitations, decorations, music and food specific to Halloween will make your event “spooktacular!”


The weekend before Halloween is the perfect time to schedule your spooktacular event. Send out your invitations at the beginning of the month. There is a whole variety of clever, full color, laser printer papers available to make your job easier.

Transform the Party Space

No matter where you decide to host the party, take advantage of the spirit of Halloween to transform your space into an eerie, exciting environment. Decrease the amount of light by using dimmers or merely switching to lower wattage lightbulbs.

Cover the windows with torn and tattered cheesecloth or muslin to give the impression of an abandoned home. This effect can be maximized if you tea stain the fabric before hanging it. Use decorative cobwebs on furniture, across doorways, and on the buffet.

You may want to create an awesome entry to the party space by draping black bedsheets into a tunnel or maze that your guests pass through. You can use glow in the dark paint and a black light to create additional disorienting visual effects.


Your music choice should include a variety of door creaks, screams, scary organ music, and appropriate, suspenseful, angst-producing music.

Halloween Food

Let your tastes prevail here, however, remember that presentation is everything for a Halloween party! Instead of regular ice cubes for the beverages, use ice cubes that have been made using red-tinted water. Make sure that your buffet is draped in black fabric that’s been covered with a layer of cobwebs. Don’t forget to make use of buffet levels to increase the visual interest of the display.

These Halloween Party Ideas should start to get your creative juices flowing for your party. Future articles will have additional tips and plans for hosting a Halloween Party.


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