Garden Privacy Ideas: How To Build A Privacy Quickly

Outdoor Privacy Screen: How to create a garden privacy

If you feel your yard is too open or too accessible for all, it’s always a good idea to add extra security such as fences in your yards to ensure you’re the only one who has access to your private backyard paradise. Here are 14 ways to build garden privacy quickly. Let’s Begin!

14 ways to build a garden privacy quickly

1. Construct a Classic Wooden Fence


A classic way to add privacy to your garden is by building classic wooden fences, you can also choose an array of wood from its durability to its color and style. This doesn’t only add garden privacy it’s a great way to improve your home aesthetic. Compared to other fences, wood fences are modestly priced and added with proper maintenance this can ensure your home’s safety and privacy for years.

2. Install a Garden Gate


Add a simple garden gate made up of wood that’s inexpensive and easy to construct to add extra security and privacy to your garden.

3. Construct A Makeshift Private Spot 


If you can’t afford to seclude your entire yard, you can choose a spot in your yard and make a makeshift area or room that you can relax in without worrying about anyone disturbing you. You can place trees around a certain spot and add chairs and tables or a hammock.

4. Surround Your House With Trees and Greeneries


What better way to ensure privacy than surrounding your property with mother nature’s miracle than trees? If you have a generous budget, you can buy full-grown trees but if you want to opt for a cheaper route, you can always plant trees as well with a massive amount of patience in a few years you can get your ideal results.

5. Build A Lattice Privacy Screen

Add a unique twist to your garden privacy screens by using lattice panels for your garden, you can add flowers or other plants on the base of these screens to add your unique flair to it. Design these lattice panels to your liking to ensure privacy and style in one.

6. Surround Your House with Hedges or Build A “Living Fence”


Along with wooden fences, hedges have been used as a privacy landscape method for a long time. Hedges can grow up to 12 feet tall that are more than capable of giving your garden privacy and security. Fully grown hedges are available in some stores, but we recommend planting your hedges to ensure the exact measurements.  

7. Build A Fence Made of Bamboo


Easily boost up your garden privacy and security with the use of bamboo, you can plant these on their own or use them to fill gaps on your already made fences for extra protection.


8. Add Curtains in Your Garden Patios


If your garden patio has an overlooking rooftop or poles surrounding it, you can hang outdoor curtains on a wire or rope around it to add extra privacy quickly and easily.

9. Install A Pergola in Your Garden

If you only need a little privacy constructing a pergola is ideal. A pergola is only made of four support beams and a decorative roof design tailored to your preference. Its beams serve as an obstruction to still ensure privacy on your behalf.

10. Use A Retractable Yard Screen


Purchasing a retractable yard screen for your garden is a quick and instant method to help you ensure privacy, the price of these vary depending on the size and configuration you need.

11. Make Use of Large Potted Plants

Another quick and easy method to ensure privacy in your garden is the use of large potted plants, not only it obstructs your garden from unwanted attention it also serves as a stylish decoration. You can add your personal touch to the pots by painting or embellishing them with different materials to make it unique.

12. Install A Trellis Covered in Vines In Your Garden

Installation of a trellis is quick and simple since it’s only made of a simple framework of light metal or wooden bars and it’s used to support the growth of climbing plants such as vines which is a good way to obstruct your garden from prying eyes.

13. Build A Lattice Fence

Add spice to the traditional wooden fence by adding lattice to cover them. These are inexpensive and easy to make. You can easily design the lattice fence to your liking that can match your home’s aesthetic, which gives you the privacy you want with style.

14. Build Metal Fences

If you want a more modern approach to garden privacy installing metal fences is the method for you, it’s durable and budget-friendly, and easy to install.


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In this guide, we featured 14 easy, budget-friendly, and faster ways to build garden privacy that beginners from experts can use in their gardens. We hope these methods helped you add more privacy and security to your gardens while still being stylish.

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