5 Reasons to Hire a Pro to Install Your Fence


There are some DIY jobs that you can manage yourself and others that are best left to the professionals. For example, painting a wall may be a lot easier and less dangerous than rewiring the electrics. When it comes to installing a fence, you may think that this is an easy enough job to do by yourself. However, there are some good reasons to hire a professional to do this for you.

You Have More Choice

If you decide to choose the easiest fence to install, this can limit your options and affect the overall aesthetics of your finished garden. Hiring a pro will mean that you are not limited by how easy the fence is to put up. Your fencing specialist will be able to offer you advice on the best type of fence to install and tell you why one product is more suitable than another. The finished result could be well worth the money.

It Could Save You Money

DIY Vs professional fence installation is always going to be cheaper, right?  Well, not necessarily. Sure, you will be charged for your installer’s time, but this could save you a lot of money if you need to rent a van to pick your fencing up or buy new tools to do the job. It is worth factoring all these things into the equation to see which one is cheaper and you may be surprised by the result.

It Saves You Time

Not having to do the job yourself leaves you with time to do other things at the weekend that you might enjoy more. It is worth paying for someone to install a fence to give you your weekend back, and an experienced professional will take a lot less time than you will if you do it yourself.


If you put a fence up and it blows down, you are going to spend the following weekend putting it back up again and hoping it stays in place this time. Then there is the expense of having to go out and buy new fencing panels. If you hire a pro, you are less likely to experience this problem. If it does occur, then a reputable installer will have guarantees in place to fix this problem and buy any new material they need to correct the job.


Certain legalities have to be adhered to when installing a fence, such as maintaining boundaries, and there could be other laws relating to the state or city you are living in. You may not be aware of these issues, but this will not give you an excuse in court. To avoid costly mistakes, hire a pro. It is their job to know the law in the area they are installing your fence and they are insured against these issues too, so making a mistake won’t leave you out of pocket.

These are five good reasons to hire a pro rather than installing a fence yourself.


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