Recognizing Problems with your Crawl Space


If you own a home with a crawl space, you must maintain the area properly. Learn to recognize the signs of moisture problems in your crawl space. You may notice a bad smell if you have mold in your crawl space.

You may also see standing water and have humidity in your home. If damage to your crawl space progresses, you may have rotting wood, pests, or health issues, as well. 

What’s That Smell?

When problems begin in your crawl space, you may notice a foul smell around your home. You may even notice it when you are inside  your house. When moisture accumulates you can expect a musty smell. Standing water and rotting wood may also cause unpleasant smells. Get an inspection of your crawl space as soon as you notice an odd smell. You may need a crawl space repair to protect the structure of your home. 

Rotting Wood

Long -term water exposure can lead to rotting wood. This can cause the floor in your home to sink or compromise the support structure of your house. You may notice unlevel or spongy flooring if the wood begins to deteriorate.

This can become dangerous if you avoid prompt repairs. Rotting wood in your crawl space can also cause the walls in your home to become uneven. Look out for doors that do not open or close properly.

Health Issues

Many people have adverse reactions to mold. If the inhabitants of the home begin to have headaches, watery eyes, or a runny nose, you may have mold somewhere in your home. Some people also get skin rashes. If you do not have the mold removed, these symptoms may continue long-term. 

Standing Water

Standing water can indicate several problems with your property. Water often ceases to drain properly when you have foundation issues. You may also have improper grading around your home.

You should not leave standing water in your crawl space, as it can cause damage and attract pests. You may have mosquitoes and rodents if you fail to have the proper repairs. 


When you have moisture in your crawl space, you may notice excessive humidity inside your home. This may cause you to run your fans or air conditioning more, leading to  higher utility bills. The home may also feel uncomfortable. If you notice high humidity in the home, look for other signs of problems in your crawl space and schedule and inspection. 

Learn how to recognize problems with your crawl space so you can keep your home in good condition. When you get help with crawl space problems early, you can prevent excessive damage to your home. Signs of moisture in your crawl space include a musty smell, rotting wood, and standing water.

Check your crawl space regularly for signs of damage. You should also pay attention to changes inside the main part of your house. Problems in the crawl space may result in sinking floors and high humidity. You can maintain a safe and dry crawl space with a little knowledge and vigilance.  


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