How to Choose The Best Storage System for Your Bedroom


Planning to buy a new wardrobe, dreaming of a dressing room, or looking for a place for small items? Today designers are ready to turn any kind of storage solution into a masterpiece of interior design.

Although the main function of the bedroom is already obvious from the name of this room, in addition to peaceful sleep here we often store most of our things, from bed linen to outerwear in closets. This combination of storage space and resting space isn’t always comfortable.

To preserve space and comfort in the bedroom, the storage system should be as hidden from view as possible, not to occupy a central place in the interior. Let’s see what design solutions will help make the bedroom truly a place to sleep and at the same time find a place for all things. Our tips will help you organize storage in any bedroom size!

1. Traditional storage system: bed with a lifting mechanism

Such beds are a real salvation for city apartments of small and medium sizes. A huge drawer under the bed can easily fit all large items for long-term storage, including bedding, pillows and blankets. Alternatively, you can place the bed on the podium, and make either an extra bed (though this option may require some engineering to take place) or large storage boxes in this podium.

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2. A pair of cabinets next to the door

This is an elegant and visually appealing solution – the cabinets are symmetrically located around the door, the door trim matches the color of the walls of the room, which hides the size of the spacious storage system. 

3. Around the head of the bed

The part of the wall next to the bed usually remains empty, and it is this space that can easily be used for cabinets and shelves. It may not be very convenient to reach all the stored items, but it very space-efficient solution. Thus, all the necessary little things will always be at hand, and clothes and linen will be placed in the closets.

4. Desk integrated with the wardrobe

A small office can also be placed behind the sliding door of the wardrobe. By closing the door, you get the perfect bedroom interior without unnecessary details, and if the need arises, you can always work in a relaxed atmosphere. This is another option that will require some mechanical work, but it is very popular today to have all the free space well planned and organized.

5. Bunk bed with wardrobe

A bunk bed for a children’s bedroom is a very useful thing, especially if you combine it with a wardrobe on the lower level. Thus, all the furniture you need to place in the nursery will be grouped into a single complex, and the rest of the space will be free for games, which is really useful when you are planning on building a blanket and pillow fort.

6. Built-in wardrobe

A huge closet is very easy to hide if you make it part of the wall. Sliding doors, despite their width, obediently move along the guides, and the entire closet, when closed, looks like a bedroom wall. Built-in storage systems are one of the most common storage solutions in the bedroom.

It is good because it allows you to order cabinets for the size and configuration of the room. Located along the wall on the side or opposite the bed, they do not “eat up” space, and due to their laconic design and neutral shades, they can even become invisible.

This option is equally well suited both for owners of large bedrooms and for small-sized premises (and in the second case, it is more preferable, since it allows you to save as much useful square centimeters as possible).

7. Cabinet with a mirrored door

Another designer trick is to hide something big behind mirrored surfaces. Such a cabinet with a mirrored door will not only not make the room smaller, but will also give a sense of depth to the place.

In addition, a mirror is a very useful thing in the bedroom next to the wardrobe, allowing you to try different outfits and choose the best one. To visually enlarge the space of a small bedroom, use good old mirrors. For example, cabinet doors can be mirrored to make the place appear larger and brighter.

8. Above the cabinet

Even if you are older than a child, the idea of ​​sleeping on the second floor can be quite overwhelming and surprisingly cool. Moreover, if the space under the bed is used to accommodate a voluminous cabinet for all the items you may need.

9. Drawers under the bed

Small drawers under the bed are very convenient for storing things for everyday use: underwear, a spare pair of shoes, bags and umbrellas, bedding sets.

10. Country style baskets

The special flavor of the storage system is also an important detail. Details such as straw baskets under the bed will help to add coziness and romantic dreaminess to the interior of the room. In addition, they are large enough and convenient for storing a variety of items.

11. Too small a bedroom and no room for a full dressing room?

You can put a narrow long closet for clothes at the head of the bed, and put small things that you do not use very often on the upper shelves. The combination of closed modules with open shelves will visually lighten the structure, and it will not psychologically press on you when you are lying on the bed.

12. Theatre backstage

An original idea for the bedroom is a wardrobe behind a curtain. This solution looks “softer”, more dynamic and visually lighter than cabinets with blind doors. Yes, in a large bedroom, it is better to equip a full dressing room – with wardrobes and a compact “island” for storing shoes, bags, hats and accessories. But you always work with the size you have, as there many modern options, available for rooms of different sizes.

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