Here Are 4 Easy Solutions For Storing Your Kayaks


When you own a kayak, you will always have something ready for a quick weekend getaway. However, the downside is that it can take up a significant amount of space in your garage when it is not in use. Fortunately, there are already various easy storage solutions for your kayak such as those listed below.

Ceiling Rack

One of the most viable kayak storage solutions that you can consider is a ceiling rack that can accommodate a couple of your rides snugly against your ceiling. When you go for a kayak ceiling storage solution, you need to ensure that the ceiling rack has rotating mounting brackets. The reason why this is an important feature is to provide you with the capability to mount your kayaks in whichever direction you prefer.

Apart from a rotating mounting bracket, you should also consider whether the ceiling rack height is adjustable. In this way, you will be able to fit the kayak on the rack with minimal space left over, allowing you to put the rack above your garage door if this is the space available. You should also keep in mind the weight capacity of the rack particularly because some kayaks can be heavier than others.

Suspended Solution

Another easy way to store your kayak is by using a suspended solution, most of which can hold up to 125lbs. Like with a ceiling rack, a suspended storage solution will tend to be hoisted up to your ceiling as well, only that the latter has pulleys that will help you raise and lower your kayak. You need to purchase an overhead suspension system that is complete with all the requisite parts though to ensure proper installation. Rest assured that these systems already have detailed instructions on how you will be able to install them securely.

Wall-Mounted Rack

There is also the option for you to go for a wall-mounted rack which is one of the most popular garage storage methods for your kayak. However, this entails the need for you to think about how high you plan to install your rack.

Typically, a higher rack will pave the way for more storage space underneath your kayak, but it will take more effort for you to hoist your kayak up. On the other hand, a wall rack mounted on the lower side of your wall will allow you to have more storage space above it but your kayak is more susceptible to accidental impacts.

Upright Storage

Finally, you can also store your kayak upright, which means that they won’t take up much of your wall space such as when you mount them horizontally. With an upright storage solution, all you need is a couple of straps and secure wall mounts. The straps will keep your kayak from tipping over. However, you need to ensure that the height of your garage is a foot higher than the height of your kayak.

You also need to add padding beneath your kayak because the stern will tend to bear the most weight. The cockpit should also be facing outwards, with the shell leaning slightly against the wall for added support. To prevent the kayak from falling sideways, you should add some pegs near the top of your mount.

Bonus Storage Idea: Outdoor Kayak Tent

In case you don’t have that much space in your garage, you can also consider an outdoor storage solution, which is a kayak tent. However, you need to find a sheltered spot where you can build an angled A-frame with the vertical beams standing nearly flushed against the wall.

You still need to add some horizontal support beams on your A-frame because this is where the kayaks will rest on. You can even widen the base of your A-frame if you need to store more than one kayak. To make a tent, cover both the wall-facing and outside-facing sections of your A-frame with a tarp.

Perhaps the main drawback of storing your kayak outdoors is that it can be prone to theft, which means that you need to exert an extra effort to secure them. In this case, what you can do is place a steering wheel lock in the cockpit then run a chain through the scupper holes. Otherwise, you can also wind the chain around the support beams.

When it comes to storing your kayaks, there are various options for you to choose from. You can either go for a ceiling rack which is an ultimate space saved or go for a suspended solution. There is also the option for you to try a wall-mounted rack or an upright storage system.

You can even try renting a space for your kayak, particularly if you live in an apartment or a location where there is no or limited storage space left. The key is in figuring out the layout of the space that you have for you to maximize it for your storage needs.


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