Innovative Solutions That Will Help You Manage Your Handyman Business Better


We all get stuck while trying to fix things in our homes, be it plumbing, electrical issues, or fixing broken pieces of furniture. Having these quite complicated things to fix, a handyman or the fixer comes in and saves the day.

If you are one of those skilled persons and you want to improve your business, this article will provide you with some innovative solutions that will help you manage your handyman business better.

Create a Business Plan

Set your goals and create a business plan that will help you reach these goals. Any successful business needs a plan to stay focused and grow. Think about how much money you want to make in a specific time frame, how many clients you can handle in that time frame, your working hours, and whether you will hire employees to help you or not. According to these factors, set your plan and leave room for amendments.

Tool Crib Software

Investing in setting up an organized tool crib is a smart way to better manage your handyman business. The best way to manage your tool crib is by using tool crib software because it will help you manage your assets, whether big or small, maintain accurate records, and many more features that would help you run your business efficiently.

Exceed the Client’s Expectations

People tend to stick to the handyman that they feel comfortable dealing with and trust the most. Moreover, if you went the extra mile with your clients by doing nice, small gestures like doing something extra for free or by accommodating their hectic schedules, your customers/clients would definitely recommend your services to their friends and family members. The word of mouth marketing strategy could make your business grow in no time.

Hire an Apprentice

Sometimes you will find yourself needed to do multiple, important jobs at the same time or a loyal client needs you urgently on the spot for an emergency, and without someone to help you, you will have to sacrifice one job for another.

In these cases, hiring an apprentice will save the day. Having someone to help you will give you the time to focus on other aspects of your business like managerial issues and give your clients the right amount of attention instead of having to rush things. An apprentice will cost you their salary but actually will help you make more money for the business eventually.

Widen Your Skills and Abilities

Establishing your business has required you to have an exceptional skill set, still, your abilities shouldn’t be limited with just that. Keep learning new skills and get additional training to be able to offer specialized services.

If you have mastered a skill, move up to a whole new skill that would complement the existing ones. For example, if you have mastered electrical work, improve on your carpentry skills so you can build units and finish all the electrical works related to it, and so on.

Learn the Laws in Your City

Note that there are different legislations for different areas, so you need to check the laws and regulations in the area you work at regarding the handyman services. For example, some cities require a license for electrical work and plumbing. Moreover, know that there is a certain limit for the amount you charge for your services. Learning the laws in your city will help you avoid unintentionally breaking them and paying a fine, which can damage your business reputation.

Do a Competitive Analysis

Google information about handymen working in the same area who are on the same skill level as you are so that you can learn more about their business, marketing plan and how they attract customers, and how much they charge for their services. This way, you can decide on your target customers and your marketing plan.

Choose Your Services

Being a handyman means that you are qualified to do different repairs, and while you can take on all the jobs that you can do, it is wise to consider choosing the jobs that you enjoy the most and excel at.

Moreover, some small jobs might not be worth your time and effort like hanging pictures, for example. It is a good idea to focus on the jobs that you excel at, enjoy the most, and pay off instead of taking small jobs and waste your time on them.

Being a handyman means that you have the passion and skill needed to run a successful business. However, you might need some tips to help you grow and manage your business efficiently like, creating a business plan, hiring an apprentice, keep learning new skills to broaden your scope of business, investing in a tool crib software, and going the extra mile for your clients. This way, your business will flourish, and you won’t be burnt out as you are working based on a well-thought-out plan to reach your goals.

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