6 Ideas to Amp up your Living Room with Wall Art


Living room decoration can transform your interior in many ways. Wondering how to amp up the living area? If yes, then consider wall art to beautify your space and to make the living area more welcoming.

Here are some gorgeous wall art ideas that you can consider to  amp up your living room:

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#1 Use Canvas Prints for Living Room

Choosing the right art piece is essential in setting the vibe of the room. The large canvas art for the living room is a great choice to increase the beauty of your space. Canvas prints are in trend and suit every home style. Following are the different canvas art styles to choose from:

  • Collage of canvas prints: Pictures are one of the best artifacts you own. It is a personal memoir that you can use for wall or home decoration. You can get your favorite photographs on photo collages or canvas products and can display them in a group on the wall of the living room.
  • Travel planks: In this style, you can opt for a canvas printed world map for the living room.
  • Large prints: You can brighten up the living room with a dynamic pattern on the wall. Consider hanging large wall art on the bare wall behind your upholstery.
  • Printed pattern: You can place crochet mats on the white canvas and spray paint on it. After some time, remove the mats to obtain the print and put them on walls.

#2 Wall Art According to Color

Choose a wall art that compliments the colors of the walls in your living room. You must ensure that wall print has a background color that matches the wall paint.

You can select complementary shades as well from the color wheel. For example choose dark shade for wall art to hang on a wall painted with light color. If the walls of the room are dark, then consider selecting light colored wall art for the living area. 

#3 Contemporary Style Wall Art

Contemporary art is purely made and produced by artists of modern society. Contemporary artists try hard to describe the complex issues that impact the changing world.

Following are the different contemporary art styles:

  • Abstract art: This art represents figures and landscapes that depict spirituality, simplicity, and purity.
  • Figurative art: It explains modern art that depicts real-world issues using the human figure.
  • Geometric Art: It represents different shapes, lines, angles, points, and elements.
  • Minimalist Art: It shows different aspects of life such as people, landscapes, experiences, feelings, and emotions.
  • Still Life Art: It is the type of western art that represents dead sculptures and still-life paintings.
  • Typography: This art uses existing and modern typefaces to manage text and convey the message, such as typeface design letters of alphabets and brand identity.
  • Pop Art: In this type of art, artists use commonplace objects, road signs, newspapers, comic strips, and commercial world items to convey their message.
  • Sculpture Art: It is a three-dimensional artwork made by four processes: carving, modeling, casting, and constructing.

#4 Gallery Wall with Different Shapes

A gallery wall is a beautiful way to infuse color and pattern into a living room.. You can display different types of photographs and artworks on the wall. Further, you can extend the gallery wall to the room ceiling to create a larger space illusion.

It is an impressive way to turn a bare wall stylish and noticeable. You can use pics of different sizes and shapes that can demonstrate your unique ideas.

#5 Bohemian Style Wall Prints

Source: ElephantStock 

Bohemian style prints are known as a free-spirited and unconventional way of art. In this wall art, you can express your ideas, colors, designs, and patterns without any rules. Boho style gives the exciting possibilities to mix and match different design elements whichever way you please.

Further, hanging Bohemian style wall art allows you to create an attractive environment interior. Unlike other decor styles, it doesn’t restrict you to use limited shades in the room. 

#6 Large Wall Arts

Source: ElephantStock 

The large wall art in your living rooms can transform the interior in no time. You can put large framed prints, murals, or canvas prints on a large blank wall in your room. It would be best to place an art piece that inspires you the most.

A large photograph or painting will command attention and set the tone in a living room. You can try a black-and-white picture in a minimalist space, or you can add color to the room with a vibrant abstract large piece.

Final Words

You spend a lot of time in the living room, so it should look great. Bare walls make the living room bland and boring. So, wall art is the perfect way to create a focal point in this room. It can brighten and bring life to your interior.

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