20+ Decorating Hacks That’ll Make Renters Why Didn’t I Know About This Sooner?


Rather than paying lots to decorate your home, this will make your life so much easier.

It’s Spring and it’s coming up to April, your home is full of clutter and old Christmas decorations from last year. You’re in the mood for decorating and the latest home renovation video has just been released on Netflix, you were brave enough to check your bank account and realize that perhaps the design of your home isn’t so bad.

Good thing about the Internet is that there are tons of ways and ideas on how you can revamp your home with no money needed. Here’s a list of only 20 so far!

1. DIY Door Block

DIY Door Block

This says it all for those who love to sleep warm and toasty. For those of you that love to use incense but are sharing a scented home, a rolled-up blanket will not only keep you warm but will block out any cold drafts coming in as well noise. 


2. DIY Overhead Light

DIY Overhead Light


If you want to have a cool looking light in your living room but the home is rented, you can use a lantern, cord kit and some Command Hooks to make your own overhead light. In total this will cost you probably less $20.00 altogether and makes a huge difference in your living space


3. Hanging Paper Towel

Hanging Paper Towel


These Command Hooks are just perfect! You can even use them to hang a dollar-store paper towel in your kitchen, saving you the trouble of looking for your paper towels each time you cook. All we can say is that this idea is genius, creates space and gives the kitchen such a minimalist look.


4. Hole-free knobs

Hole-free knobs


These tabs are so simple and easy to use. The base of the knobs can then be unscrewed and changed for a different style if you fancy a change too. 


5. Command Hooks for Curtain Rods

Command Hooks for Curtain Rods


Description: This will protect you from all the fines you could be potentially facing for drilling holes into your walls. Use these in your dorm or rented wall space for some added ceiling height. If your rented home did not come with rods in place, you can use these Command Hooks for nearly anything, see below how they are used to hang up curtain rods:


6. Vinyl Cut-Outs

Vinyl Cut-Outs

Source: cuckoo4design, instagram

Follow Cuckoo4Design and use their concept of vinyl cutouts that you can put up, rearrange and remove whatever you like and however many times you like.


7. Velcro Framed Mirrors. 

Velcro Framed Mirrors. 


No one is ever too cool for Velcro, in fact, it’s useful you can use it to frame your mirror.

Orrrrr you could use the Command Strips as well to stick the Velcro onto the mirror (these hooks are just the best)


8. Get yourself some contact paper and use them to colour up your kitchen.

Get yourself some contact paper and use them to colour up your kitchen


One piece of advice however, is that the room must be painted so that your vinyl records can stick

9. DIY Shutters 

DIY Shutters 


So you can enjoy your bath time and shower time with some privacy, you can actually make your shutters that still allow for natural light. 


10. DIY Stainless steel kitchen tools

DIY Stainless steel kitchen tools


Trick your guests into thinking you’ve got stainless steel with this removable contact paper. 


11. Budget Wire Shelf

Budget Wire Shelf


You can revamp your pantry with less than $20.00 using just wired shelves. You can find different prints online too!


12. Rack for your dish towel and sponge

Rack for your dish towel and sponge

Source: apaperarrow, engineeryourspace.com

Rather than leaving your towel lying around, folded on your counter or do the classic hang it over your oven handle. Why not be inventive and spice up your sink area with this simple trick. 


13. Washi Tape & Paint

Washi Tape & Paint

Source: lovethetompkins.com

What could the two possibly have in common? Paint and tape in your bathroom, I’m not an artist! Well today you are, use these two to make up your own pattern and design. 


14. Window Shades

Window Shades


These are so easy to make and so satisfying to look at, the only thing missing is probably a plant on the window sill!


15. Save money and save your old shower head from all that strain

Save money and save your old shower head from all that strain

Source: homedepot.com

If your water still manages to find its way out of the shower head, then use this old technique to save not only on bills but on time to shower!


16. The Multi-hanger (that should be its official name)

The Multi-hanger (that should be its official name)


These save up so much space, which is great if you are currently experiencing four seasons in one day, you won’t have to put away your winter clothes during the summer season!


17. Budget Shoe Rack

Budget Shoe Rack


Shoes, we all have a few that are always missing a pair, you can save yourself the trouble and create one of these racks!

18. Awkward Space

Awkward Space


That awkward space between your fridge and a cornered wall can actually be used as extra pantry space, click above to see how you can create extra space. 


19. Another Shoe Rack (which can also be used for make up)

Another Shoe Rack (which can also be used for make up)

Source: fromoverwhelmedtoorganizedblog, onecreativehousewife.com

Cheap, easy and aesthetically pleasing

20. Shower space

Shower space


Not only does this add extra space in your shower, but the extra curtain rod can also be accessorized with some plants and waterproof lighting.

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