15 Room Designs that Will Make You Want To Have a Secret Passage Too


Our room is perhaps the only place that makes us feel good, after all, that’s where we can mourn, sing, store our clothes, make pajamas … in short, everything we want. But even so, it is not a totally isolated place where we can take refuge when we need to be completely silent and away from the whole world.

Thanks to the movie The Diary of the Princess , we have dreamed of having a secret passage in our bedroom to hide when we have the desire to be alone, and fortunately some interior designers have created spaces that adapt to our needs. If you are looking for some options, then here are 15 bedroom designs that will make you want a secret passageway.

1. A small space for rest and peace

Fourth with a secret passageway up the stairs

2. It’s like entering Narnia, without the lion or the witch, of course

Fourth with a secret passageway up the stairs

3. So you’ll be closer to the stars

Fourth with a secret passageway up the stairs

4. No one has to know where the room is

Fourth with a secret passageway up the stairs

5. Behind the bookshelf you will find the perfect space to read

6. If someone looks for you, you will never imagine that you are up there

7. This type of rooms are so spacious

8. It is the perfect space to rest

9. You can sleep in the top or bottom

10. Top looks so cozy

11. It’s just like Mia Termopolis’s room

12. The bed hides a big secret

13. You definitely need a room like that

14. So you can do your homework without being disturbed

15. This little space will make you sleep in the clouds



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