Top 5 Handy Gadgets


We often complete various everyday tasks without even realizing that lots of smart gadgets can help us. There are hundreds of tips on how to do less and get more, how to spend time with fun and benefit.

Today, we’d like to discuss the five best gadgets, which can entertain and educate you, support your health, or help around the house. Let’s turn our daily duties into leisure!

1. Ozone Air Disinfector

Every day, millions of bacteria and harmful particles attack our organisms. Nowadays, when we are all still fighting against the virus, this problem feels especially burning.

That’s why we’d better take care of our health not only outside but also inside our houses. There are a lot of ways to support cleanliness, from traditional wet cleaning to modern sanitizing devices.

An air disinfector is an affordable yet extremely worthy purchase, which can help you eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergic particles, mold, and unpleasant odors.

Ozone generators provide one of the best air treatments. Ozone, which they emit, reacts with pollutants and destroys them. Disinfectors are suitable for both spacious areas like offices and small apartments.

Ozone generators take from 10 to 60 minutes to disinfect the air. You only need to set the timer and leave the room during its operation. The procedure is repeated twice a week and leaves a pleasant sense of freshness like after the thunderstorm.

Besides, these devices are portable, which means you can use them for several locations like home, car, office, etc. Ozone machines take little space, consume a minimum of energy, and cost quite affordable.

Airthereal MA5000 Ozone Machine and Home Air Ionizer are one of the best-selling models. This item combines all benefits mentioned above and is certainly worth buying.

2. Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Recently, people started spending more of their time at home, but every one of us can find more exciting and useful occupations than floor cleaning. Still, this procedure is a must. Robot vacuum cleaners can solve this problem.

At the moment, Deebot N79S is one of the best robot vacs under $200 in the market. The model cleans hard floors, tile, and carpets. It deals with dust, large debris, and hair without any difficulties. Plus, the vacuum offers very convenient programming and remote control.

So, we get four cleaning modes for various pollutions, smart sensor navigation, up to 110 minutes of run time. The robot also cleans the air since the air goes through a high-efficiency filter, which can capture even allergens.

Deebot N79S is compatible with the Ecovacs Home app. Consequently, you can run the gadget from anywhere, set the mode, cleaning the schedule, control the performance, and get notifications. Plus, it supports voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The robot is almost entirely independent and provides automatic vacuuming.

Deebot N79S will repeatedly process every inch of the floor until the debris is removed. And everything you will have to do is to turn it on, set the mode and schedule, and remember about the cleaner only when it needs emptying.

3. Alexa Voice Assistant

As you see from the previous gadget, the ability to control your smart devices only by voice is a huge advantage. Such a contactless and time-saving tip has recently become a trend both among the users and the manufacturers.

Alexa smart speaker is a new queen of all Smart Homes. At the moment, this gadget is generally recognized as the leading model, as it significantly surpasses many other smart speakers, including even Google Home.

Alexa is one of the most compact devices, which looks like a puck speaker. It connects to the WiFi and perceives all your voice commands. The speaker can play music, search for information, and answer your questions, read the news and weather forecast. The quality of sound impresses.

The owners of Smart Homes will love how Alexa turns the light on and off, locks the doors, controls robot vacuum cleaners, TV, microwaves, thermostats, and many other household devices. All you need is to ask only.

Echo Dot Alexa comes in several color designs so that every interior can have the most suitable model. All gadgets feature buttons for volume adjustment and a microphone off-switch to protect your privacy.

For the price of only $30, this compact speaker saves you from a lot of routine tasks, helps you around the house, and entertains you at the same time.

4. Fitness Tracker

The lack of exercise and physical training can significantly affect not only your appearance but also your health. The immune system greatly depends on a sufficient amount of walks, fresh air, and fitness.

Apart from common gyms, sports grounds, and parks, we can keep fit inside our houses too. Fitness trackers can help us exercise regularly and with greater results.

Fit trackers are very similar to smartwatches. They monitor your sleep quality, calories consumed and burned, heart beating, and general level of physical activity. After a thorough analysis, the gadget will give you advice for improvement.

Some smart models like Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch are also compatible with smartphones and Amazon Alexa. Thus, they can read the news, weather forecast, give you quick information, set timers, and perform many other useful tasks. The tracker reads all messages and phone notifications and also allows you to send a quick message or voice replies.

All control is managed through your voice. So, you can listen to the latest news and pump press simultaneously.

One of the special advantages of fitness trackers is music. They play songs, as well as add new tracks to the playlist.

5. Game Console

When all home duties and sport exercises are completed, it’s time to dive into marvelous travel and adventures. All you need is some fantasy and the right game console.

Have you long been waiting for free time to try a new game? Have you never played a game console but always wanted to? Now you’ve got a great chance to make a dream come true.

Surely, a game console cannot be called a budget purchase since it features high-performance systems with sophisticated graphics and rich sound. Still, excitement and enthralling leisure are definitely worth it.

Xbox One S, PlayStation 4 Slim, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch – all these models offer tremendous memory capacity, bright colors, the library of digital games, subscription to numerous games, full immersion. Some consoles even allow users to stream or download movies, TV shows, and serials from world-known platforms like Netflix.

As you see, you don’t need many investments and effort to turn boring home cleaning or fitness into something cheerful and useful. It’s always up to you how to spend your days. We tried to tell you about the best-selling and worthiest gadgets, which can help you brighten up your leisure and support your health. Take care of yourself and stay happy and healthy!

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