What to Do If You Have a Leak in Your Home


Leaks are a problem that can occur in your home that must be addressed quickly and efficiently. This is because water damage can have long term effects and become more problematic the longer you put off any sort of repairs and solutions.

Keep in mind that identifying leaks may not be easy and can be an issue that has been going on for a while so it is imperative to move quickly if you suspect a leak. Here are some key points to practice if you think you have a leak in your home.

Locate The Source Of The Leak

The first thing that you need to do when you suspect that you might have a leak in your home is to find the source of the leak. You need to identify the problem area and pinpoint exactly where the water is coming from.

Determining factors that can help you find the leak include physical identifiers like water damage and discoloration of walls or floors, puddle formations, and the sound of dripping or running water when there shouldn’t be any noise.

Determine Size Of Repairs Required

Once you have identified the source of your leak, you must then determine how big of a problem it actually is. Some leaks are much more manageable than others, requiring less effort and expenses to fix the problem.

Leaks from fixtures like toilets and shower heads are as easy as learning where the leak is coming from and replacing the part or fixture itself. Expert plumbers in Lakewood suggest that if you do not feel comfortable doing your own repairs that it is always necessary to contact professionals and this is especially important for leaks inside your walls and ceilings. They will be able to do your repairs more quickly and efficiently, with tools and years of experience for the job at hand.

Shut Off Water Main

Once the source of the leak has been identified and you know how to proceed in terms of the repairs, you need to shut off your water main or access to the specific pipes that would allow water to pass through. It is crucial to remember this step as forgetting this part will lead to significant risk of water damage.

Expose The Problem Pipes, Clean And Prepare Your Area

If the leak is within the structure of your home’s walls or ceilings, you will need to expose enough of the plumbing to be able to do the repairs. This would involve removing a portion of the walls or ceilings in order for you to access it.

In addition to clearing the space around your plumbing problem area, you also want to ensure that you have taken the time to clean the space you will be working around. This ensures a few things.

By keeping your work area tidy, you will have the room you need to maneuver around, you avoid getting hurt, you will have clear visualization of all the spaces you are working on beneath your sinks, and won’t be exposing your things to potential water and damage.

Repairs, Replacements, And Fixes

As previously stated, if you are not comfortable or familiar with these larger repair jobs, you should be hiring a contractor as these require more expertise. If these leaks are smaller issues like in your bathroom, it may be easier to handle and address.

Leaks in your shower or under your sink may still require you to remove certain tiles or walling. Make sure you have enough room to work with and around the problem pipes, being able to remove and damage parts and install replacement portions and pipes.

Leaky faucets and sinks will typically require simply repairs and replacements of the fixtures and pipes beneath your sinks and countertops, unless the problem is further down the line of your plumbing system.

Repair And Reseal

Once you have finished your repairs, depending on the job done, you will have to rebuild and reseal your surfaces. If you have worked in your bathroom behind the walls of your shower and tub, you will want to replace any of the removed tiles and ensure that your sealants are applied precisely to prevent water from getting through and causing problems in the future, as well as to look clean and professional.

Finding and addressing a leak is important and you should prioritize moving quickly. If the repair job seems or feels too much for you to handle, make sure to call in some professionals and contractors to be able to take care of it for you. You do not want to leave such problems for too long.


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