CBD Oil For Dogs – Avoiding Toxic Substances in Unethical Products


The rising trend that has been surrounding CBD has pushed many new companies to join the club in producing some of their very own products and individual brands hitting the market seek to compete with those brands that have been around for much longer. This is the typical scenario when new concepts and products come about and is sometimes hard to avoid.

There are plenty of advantages to having many companies with competitive products because some of them strive to make theirs better than most, however, there is also a downside to this. The unfortunate truth about this is if companies try and create their goods, in this context, their brand of CBD items for people and pets, in order to gain a profit, they may or may not produce oils or items of high quality, resulting in exploitation of consumers.

Not everyone is keen on doing their research when it comes to buying goods such as these and trust that what they find on the shelves of pet stores or health and food stores is the legitimate item. However even though it may say it is ‘pure’, it may not be, and you may have a dangerous bottle of ‘so-called CBD’ in your hands, which you will be giving your dog and making his health worse as opposed to better.

The good ones from the bad, are usually subject to stringent lab tests which result in an actual pure bottle of CBD oil without any of the harmful chemicals we find in most shelf items. In the past, many companies have been blacklisted because of this and various other reasons such as not complying with the law or unethical business practices.

The FDA always updated its website to make this information available because some establishments continue to find shortcuts, to escape the laws and regulations surrounding CBD production. Their website can give you up to date information here No matter who the merchandise is aimed towards, humans or pets, both are at risk when using the wrong or toxic items.

CBD Tinctures – The New Craze and What to Look Out For

Amongst any other format of this hemp plant extract, there is no doubt that the ones that have stayed on top of every pet owners list are the tinctures and oils, which are created in a bottle with a dropper. These are highly versatile as they can be used in almost any food or drink type of food for your dog.

The various uses include adding a few drops to their drinking water, or placing a few on top of their treats before giving it to them, as well as adding it to their food. One of the fastest ways to get it into their system, however, is by placing it directly onto their tongue and keeping their mouth shut for a few seconds for it to be fully absorbed into their system.

When buying these, however, there are some precautionary measures to take, so that you don’t end up buying something created by a backlisted or unpopular company. When studies were done on the purity of some of the oils, it was found that companies that we’re following the unethical means of production, added two common, yet toxic chemicals in their end product, these were:

  1. Dextromethorphan (DXM) – also added to cough syrups and is addictive
  2. 5F-ADB- similar to many other synthetic drugs on the market

In high doses both of these can be potentially hazardous to your canine’s health and have a whole list of side effects such as rashes, seizures and more, when taken over a long period: https://www.healthline.com/health/robotripping#side-effects Keeping an eye on these two chemicals as well as any other that you may not recognize or know about is essential to avoid harming your pet.

Ethical companies should be completely transparent about the list of ingredients, as well as make their lap test results available on their website for public scrutiny. The test follows a stringent protocol and as a result the closer the product to the purest form, the better it is for your pooch. There should be no indication of any of the two chemicals above or any others. The pure forms that are derived from the hemp plant can be found on reputable online stores as well as pet stores.

Purchasing items from companies that make their CBD pet oils and foods, for-profit means that you are indirectly supporting them and helping them to keep their establishments going. Rather turn to those that have been around for years, and have good customer reviews and a range of different organic choices of cbd for dogs and steer clear of those that have pesticides and deadly additives.

If you reach for those brands that you don’t know about you could be placing potentially harmful chemicals into your dogs’ body which will cause havoc to their system and their mind. If you wouldn’t buy it for yourself, don’t buy it for them.

Choose the safest route and ask for recommendations from your veterinarian first, and then friends and family who have been using it for their pets, and also do your research to understand what the benefits are. If, however, your canine is already undergoing treatment for a particular health issue it is best not to introduce this extract to their diet until you don’t get the go-ahead from the pet expert.


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