15+ Backyard Landscaping Ideas That Will Give Your Dogs Happy Barks


In landscaping and home improvement, much consideration should be given to our fur buddies too. Like us, they will be happy with the transitions our gardens and lawns will take and shall be equally satisfied if their fun time is considered alongside these.

There are various landscaping additions that you could infuse in your backyard to make your fur friends happy and this is what we will show you today. It can be anything, from simple hydrants to chic dog houses and stuff, but be sure that you know what your dogs will love. 

15 backyard landscaping ideas for dogs 

As we have said, you can make it simple or go over the top as long as it makes the dog happy and you can see that it is space-appropriate. Show your love to your fur babies with these 15 backyard landscaping ideas for dogs. 

1. Peeping Hole

Dogs love the outdoors but you may not be able to walk them everyday due to many reasons. To keep them happy and have a peep of the outdoors, you can always add a glass peeping hole in your backyard for them to discover like this one

2. Dog Sand Pit

If walks in the park or runs at the seashore cannot be possible at the moment, having a dog sandpit will give dogs a fun time to play in the sun or may even be  arresting space after running too long in the backyard like this one from Medium.

3. Cool Shed

Dogs are very active fur buddies. When they get to the backyard, they play all out. Having a cool shed as a part of the landscape can hit a lot of birds with one stone as they say, especially if it looks like this one from DIY Network where the vines could freely climb and whose wood frame could be used as pallets for other small plants. 

4. Outback Doggy Shower

This is an incredible addition to your backyard landscape and is especially useful during the summer when the family and kids are in their inflatables, swimming around the pool and the doggy babies are in the shower too. Check this one out from Home Talk. 

5. Doggy Treat Station

What a paradise it would be to have your own treat station in the middle of the garden right? I mean, if I am a dog and every time I get tired, I could get my reward, I would stay in the garden all day. Adding a water station with it would make it feel like doggy heaven. Take a look at this idea from Reno Guide

6. Dog Playground

Or what about an entire grass patch in the middle of the backyard with small dog houses where they could rest, climbers and dog slides for them to play around? This is a good investment and a perfect idea for people with more than two pet dogs. Check this out from Home My Design. 

7. Dog Bed on Porch

Lazy afternoons on the porch complete with dog toys, treats, comfy cushions and pillows would be a cozy way to make your dog feel loved and remembered in your landscaping ideas. If you have ample space to squeeze this idea in from 99Pallets. 

8. Garden Paths

Dogs love to roam around without restraint no matter the age. Making garden paths for them does not take much space and does not require much resources and materials. It could be fine slabs of stone, wood or concrete like these from Gardenista and Reno Guide

9. Dog Pool

Dogs are territorial yet clingy. They love personal space but also want to interact and be in the moment with you. Making them their own dog pool to quench summer heat and play outside during spring is a good fur baby and fur parent moment. Check out this one from Australia Dog Lover. You can also go over the top with this one like this idea from Pinterest PH

10. Dog water park

A water park is not something that dogs only enjoy, kids too! Having this one in the backyard creates the perfect bonding moments for all your children (including fur babies) and it does not take up that much space like this one from Pinterest PH. 

11. Exercise Wheel for Dogs

If you think only hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs need an exercise wheel, you are certainly wrong. Dogs have an active lifestyle too and they roll with what activity they are given. Ensuring that they have outdoor activities make this exercise wheel a good addition in your landscaping like this one from Iditarod

12. Dog Loft

A dog loft is a good idea for small backyard spaces. It is like a three-storey dog house with its own ladder, porch and bed porch. For reference, you can check this one from Pinterest

13. Pet Fence Underbarrier 

Digging up is a dog’s pleasure especially if it finds something interesting under the fence like critters, lost bones and what not. It could be an added job for you if you do not address this early on so you better put a pet fence underbarrier like this one from Reno Guide

14. Dog Pond

Building a dog pond is not only an added treat for your dogs but also provides an additional source of cool air for the entire home. If you have the space for it, you can put it in the middle of the garden adjacent to dog paths like this one from Pinterest

15. Dog Runway

Lastly, a good, wide running space for dogs is always the best idea. All you have to do is to apportion a space wide and grassy enough for the dogs to just run in like this one from Pets Best Insurance and Nearsay. 


To conclude, pets are essential parts of the landscaping design and taking their needs into consideration will have a massive effect on how we allocate space, add fixtures and choose the materials to be used in the landscape. Most importantly, it is our job as fur parents to make them happy and these things are one of the measures to do that.  


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