15+ DIY Deck Ideas to Spice Up Your Home


Putting up a deck in the garden, patio or in the backyard does not only give your home an added aesthetics but also give you a space where you could spend a quiet time outdoors, hangout with family and friends over music and barbeque nights or a space where soirees and candlelit dinners could be pulled off.

Whether you are considering having decks in building or renovating your new home, constructing your own home decks should not be that hard as long as you have the patience, the design, the tools and the materials. 

15 DIY deck ideas

There sure are a lot of DIY deck ideas but in here, we will summarize all of them using the five major designs used for decks. 

Floating Deck

Sure, all decks seem to be floating because they have support underneath but floating decks are particularly set up as line porch decks for modern homes and classic Southern homes to give an unobtrusive view of the pavement, the backyard and the garden. 

You could start small but modern by setting up a floating deck lanai in the backyard or garden and set it up with lights, chairs and tables for a cozy night out like this one from HGTV

You can also make it a wooden escape at the backyard with some charcoal grill and cold drinks surrounded by trees and a cool spot at the deck like this one from Fantastic Viewpoint

But of course, you might also want a massive, all-wood front yard view leading to the porch with added customized wooden benches. Check this wrap-around floating deck from Recognize A Leader

Platform/Wood Pallet Deck

Wood pallet decks can either be clean line pallet decks with minimal spaces in between lengthwise cut wood or with one to three inches spaces in between in vertical, horizontal or crazy cut patterns. It is like floating decks but are usually used for lounge areas and remodeled spaces in the garden. 

If you want a boho, minimalistic cozy lounge to give yourself a thinking spot or just a quiet haven in your backyard, you could do so with this wood pallet deck idea from Quiet Corner

You can also remodel plain spaces in the backyard or add aesthetic personality to a cramped up backyard space with this tiered wooden pallet deck from Remodelaholic. 

Or you can also have a clean line wood pallet deck right there on your porch for some old school style platform deck while waiting for the mail to arrive like this one from Houzz

Octagon Deck

Octagon desks are also common deck ideas. It could give you a 360 degree view of the house if used as a view deck on an elevated space or like a performance stage when you install it in the front or backyard. It also gives texture and personality to the whole house and really exudes a different vibe. 

For an octagon patio or porch for small spaces that you can work on over the weekend, you can go out of the box like this one from The Owner Builder Network.

You can also make an octagon shaped viewing deck over your lawn or over some scenic spaces in the house with varnished wood that extends to the porch and main door like this one

Or make an exquisite Tuscan vibe octagon deck with wood pallet base deck overlooking the garden or pavement from the balcony like this one from Houzz

Island Deck

Also called as standalone decks, island decks are usually placed in the middle of a wide space like in the backyard or in the garden. They can be designed with canopies like in lux beachfronts or simply a long platform which you can adorn with plants, lounge, etc. 

If you just want an elevated reading spot in the middle of the garden or the backyard where you could have a quiet space away from the rustle and bustle of the household, you can check this one from Family Handy Man

You can also make a receiving area out of your island desk by stacking up chairs and tables in it or situate it under the shade of big trees like this one from home depot

Or what about a romantic feel with lace curtain canopies and slim metal rails shading the table and chairs in the middle of the island deck like this one from Pinterest. 

Raised/Multi-Level Deck

Multi-level decks are the ultimate view decks and they are appropriate with houses with a large free space or houses in elevated or uneven terrains (slopes and hills). These types of decks typically have tiered, multiple platform decks connected by steps.  

Multi-level decks from the pavement to the main door are appealing for houses with steep, sloping backyards. It makes the house tour more challenging, engaging and creates the ultimate outdoor experience like this one from Iron River.  

If you have time and wood to spare, you can make a total multi-level wood wraparound of your home that will create that into the woods, log cabin magic like this one

Or what about a zen multi-level deck with a pond in the middle, bonsai plants and other fixtures that could give an oriental front yard, garden or backyard feel like this one from Crismatec


Decks are indeed, good additions to the appearance of the house and of course have a massive impact in the level of coziness and the feeling of being at home in your own home. It is functional, aesthetic and given ample time, effort and materials could really transform any space into a haven.


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