How to Set Up and Stock a Bar at Home


To have a well-stocked home bar, all that is needed are the right bar furniture and home barware. Here is a simple guide on how to put together the perfect home bar.

While creating and organizing a home bar may seem daunting, there is actually very little to it. All that is needed is a list of supplies and knowing what furniture and equipment is needed for that perfect home bar. Here are easy and simple steps to setting up a bar at home without any fuss.

Creating the Space for a Home Bar

The first step in setting up a bar at home is identifying the space for it. while it would be perfect to have a separate section of the living room dedicated to the bar, smaller apartments and homes do not have such luxury.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have a piece of furniture act as a bar. The ideal home bar should have space to store liquor and bar equipment and also have an area to use for mixing and making drinks.

The Basic Home Bar Furniture and Equipment

Once the space for the bar has been identified, it needs to be stocked with the right furniture and equipment. Bar furniture can be as basic as a cabinet for drinks and a few comfortable chairs to sit on. Make sure that the furniture is comfortable, easy to clean and maintain. Ikea, and Touch of Class have some great options for one to consider.

To have a well-organized home bar, one needn’t have many fancy gadgets and accessories. Here is a list of equipment for a functional bar.

  • Beer mugs, high ball glasses, wine glasses and shot glasses. Choose according to the types of drinks that would be served regularly.
  • Bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew and corks
  • Ice bucket with tongs and an ice pick
  • Peg measures
  • Cocktail shaker and strainer
  • A set of measuring spoons
  • Hand towels and paper napkins

Stocking and Organizing Bar Supplies

Bar supplies includes the liquor and other items that are usually needed to stir up basic cocktails and drinks. Stock the bar with some basic alcoholic drinks depending upon personal preferences. A bottle each of whiskey, rum, gin and vodka and a couple of wine bottles and beer should be good for a basic bar. For making cocktails, buy fruit juices, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces, liqueurs and soda or tonic water.

Organize the bar by arranging like drinks together. Arrange glasses according to type and size. Accessories such as cocktails stirrers, picks and straws can all be kept together in a small caddy. Use a napkin holder to stock paper napkins and cocktail napkins. Seasonings and garnishes for cocktails can all be stored in small jars and arranged in a spice rack.

Some More Tips for Home Bars

Once the bar is all set up and organized, it is time to start using it. Here are some more tips to make the most of the new home bar.

  • Read up on cocktails and the types of glasses used to serve them.
  • Store liquor out of direct light and heat.
  • Invest in a few cocktail garnishes such as paper umbrellas, stirrers and olives. These help to prettify a drink and add a lovely touch.
  • Have an area next to the bar for keeping dirty glasses and empty bottles. It could be a simple carton or plastic container that can easily be carried away to the kitchen once full or after the party is over.

Home bar ideas


While organizing and creating a home bar, pay attention to the furniture and equipment. Since these would not be replaced quickly, spend a little extra and buy good quality. A home bar can be a great addition to the house and make entertaining easier and more fun. So, use these tips to buy the right barware and set up a functional and well-organized home bar.

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