20 Clever Dollar Store Ideas To Declutter Your Kitchen


Kitchens look really nasty when they are stuffed with unnecessary things. Kitchen must be kept clean and tidy with very little things in it.

People find it really stiff to drag out the necessities from the kitchen, as everything serves some purpose. So, you need to have the smart ideas to declutter your kitchen, here are the 20 smart dollar store ideas to declutter your kitchen;

20 clever dollar store ideas to declutter your kitchen

1. Attach small bins to your fridge 

Almost every fruit, vegetable and eatables are stored in the refrigerator. Sometimes you run out of space. In this scenario, you can stick some of the small bins in the fridge to store multiple items.  



 2. You can get bins in your pantry for the service 

You can organize your pantry with several bins in order to utilize more space. This technique can help you organize your pantry.



3. Use small baskets in your drawer to keep it clean and tidy 

Small baskets can help you organize all the spoons and spatulas in the drawer. Using small boxes can also make the drawer clean all the time.



4. Store the packets in the small boxes 

In a simple drawer, storing tea bags and other packets is such a stiff thing to do. These tiny boxes can help you out in arranging the packets. It’s easy to use them anytime from the boxes.


5. Store cutting boards and baking sheets using tension rods

The only thing you need to do is to attach the tension rods. By doing so, you can store all the cutting boards and other things over there. They will be easily accessible and ready to use.


6. Get basic wire rack to store the cutting boards and other things 

If you don’t want to use tension rods, basic wire racks are at your service. You can use a basic wire rack inside your cabinet door, by doing this you can utilize the door and store all the cutting boards and sheets over there.



7. Utilize magazine files to store paper goods and other things at the right place

Placemats and paper goods don’t have any particular place to keep. You can use the magazine files to store these types of things in there.



8. Don’t have a place for canned food? Get small boxes 

Canned food must be altogether at one place, if you don’t want to stress yourself. As mentioned above, small boxes serve multiple purposes, storing canned food is one of those utilities.



9. Get glass containers and put tags according to the dry goods you pour in them

This idea will not only help you pour your dry goods with the recognition tag, but it will also look decent in your kitchen. This will surely save a lot of space in your kitchen.


10. Cover the base of your drawer with gift wraps 


The bases of the drawers are never pretty, you can décor them with gift wraps so they are easy to clean. They will also give a distinctive look for whoever opens the drawer.



11. Buy a binder to get all the required recipes at one place 

The people who are fond of tasty food, they can store all the recipes at one place. All you have to do is to get a binder from the market.



12. Attach magnets to small plastic basket to stick them anywhere you want

If you want tiny boxes anywhere in the kitchen, you can attach small magnets behind them to hand them in the kitchen.



13. Use s-hooks with binder clips store pots 

Pots are the hardest to store in a kitchen, they surely take a lot of space. you need to pair s-hooks with binder clips and store the pots there.



14. Buy sticky hooks to hang spoons and other things 

Sticky hooks can be used to hang several things from the kitchen, little things in the kitchen will be in sight after you use sticky hooks.



15. Keep your fridge shelves clean with wax paper of plastic wrap

It is better if the stains fall on the wax paper instead of fridge shelves. Shelves are much harder to clean.



16. Use shower caps to keep the leftovers fresh 

The leftovers are everywhere in the kitchen, you can cover them with shower caps.



17. Make a chip and dip bowl 

You just have to get a glass bowl and martini glass and combine them as in the picture below;



18. Get the perfect kitchen hook rack 

You can have this astonishing shaped hook in your kitchen to hang spoons


19. Use plastic glasses to serve cupcakes 


If you want to serve cupcakes to the children but are afraid of losing your crockery. You can use plastic glass to avoid any misuse.



20. Use cake pans to store tiny things in your kitchen 

Don’t let your cake pans go to waste, use them to store tiny little things


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