20+ Lazy Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Styling your hair perfectly every single day can be quite a baneful task. The longer the hair, the bigger the headache styling your hair can prove to be. You must first find out what type of hair you have; whether they’re straight or curly; and how they react to different factors, like humidity. Frizzy hair is generally more difficult to control properly. It is a constant battle to get them in order and style them the way you want to.

There are also so many different types of hairdos to choose from that it is quite natural to feel at a loss and overwhelmed by the countless avenues open to you for obtaining that perfect look for your hair. Hairstyles may also vary as per the ongoing season. Different occasions call for different hairdos.

However, these are 20 hairstyling hacks you can follow to get that perfect look for any occasion. These are pretty broad and inclusive hacks to make sure your hair always looks as stunning as you’ve wanted them to. Some of the listed hacks are also great to strengthen your hair and make them silkier.

1. How to curl your hair


A common mistake most girls tend to make is that they begin to curl their hair starting from the edges rather than the middle. However, doing it the other way round ensures that these curls last you a longer time than with your conventional technique.

2. Clean your hair brushes regularly


Schedule a day a week wherein you subject all your brushes to a thorough cleaning. Wash away the stranded hair caught in the bristles of a brush and teeth of a comb. Doing so ensures that your brushes always remain hygienic and usable. The impurities from the stranded hair are always a threat to your healthy hair. Eliminate this risk by following this technique.

3. Curling your hair with a flat iron


Use your flat iron this way for maximum efficiency. It gives a nice, wavy appearance to your hair that lasts for a long period of time.

4. Brush school


Different types of brushes impart a different styling on your hair therefore it’s imperative to know what brush does what. This way, you know exactly what brush to use for what occasion.

5. How to fake bangs


If you’ve ever wanted to sport bangs but didn’t want to get a haircut; you can use this hack to get your desired look with ease. While this bang may only be temporary; they last long enough to get you through the day.

6. How to style side swept bangs


Those few pesky strands of hair which insist on ruining your look can now be tamed with this simple hack. Convert your cowlick and turn them into perfect side swept bangs instead.

7. 1-minute fuller ponytail


To make up for the lack of volume in your ponytail, you can instead opt for a double ponytail which will help in making your hair look more voluminous than they really are.

8. No heat curl headband

Source: The Paper Mama, Hairstyles Howto, A Beautiful Mess

Put this headband on at night when you go to sleep to ensure that your hair remains loose and flowy the morning after. Added to that; this headband will prevent your hair from falling all over your face at night and thereby giving you a more relaxing sleep.

9. Sticky bobby pins


It’s always irritating when bobby pins keep sliding out of your hair. So, this method ensures your bobby pins stay put.

10. Fix yo mop with bobby


Bobby pins can be made to look much more stylish than they really are by clipping them in artistic patterns to boost the aesthetics of your hair.

11. Vintage waves


The right sort of rolling technique is monumental in getting the type of curl you want. Therefore, follow these tips to get the perfect kinds of curls for your hair.

12. DIY boho curls

Source: more, tutorial

Boho curls are difficult to replicate. However, with the help of this hack; you will nail it every single time.

13. How to wear a bobby pin properly


This hack contradicts the popular myth that bobby pins are stuck in a wavy side up position.

14. Fuller ponytail


A smaller claw clip grips a lesser portion of your hair and results in more voluminous ponytails.

15. How to fake a blowout


This technique will help you achieve the look of a convincing blowout pretty effortlessly.

16. Curl hair with tin foil and flat iron


This hack is for straight hair that refuses to budge. Use this method to obtain curl as per your desire.

17. Set your style by letting hair cool


A prompt blast of cool air will let your hair set in an appropriate manner.

18. Flat iron tricks for short hair


This is a great way to limit the movement of your hair and to make it appear less bulky.

19. Flat-iron your braids


This is a method with which you can induce waves to your hair.

20. Use your fingers to color your hair

Using your fingers to color your hair is a good idea since you have better control over your fingers and they can reach the areas you intended to touch up without any problems.

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