15 Dollar-Store Parenting Hacks


There is no doubt that parenting is the most strenuous and salient job in the world. That is why it is so incumbent to find ways to make life easier and more efficient.

So, here are some of the hacks you can use in your daily routine and make your life much more elementary.

The article will help you out in purchasing some extra amazing things for your kids and these things will not only make your kid happy but his/her smile will heal all the sorrows you contain in your heart. Now, here are the 15 Dollar-store parenting hacks for you;

15 Dollar-Store Parenting Hacks


1. Irritated with loud toys? Cover the speakers with a tape.


 Kids have really sensitive developing ears, and as we know that some of the toys have really shrill & loud noise, which can harm them and irritate you. Just cover the speakers with tape, it will give you a relief.


2. Don’t want to pollute the environment with too many straws? Carry your own straw everywhere 


When a person uses multiple straws in a day, the burden on the environment increases with the increase of plastic. You can carry your straws in a travel toothbrush holder, so you can use them anywhere anytime.


3. In any emergency, cover the cups with a plastic wrap to avoid any spillage 


Sometimes you give your kids a cup of juice but you are afraid they will spill it all over the place. In this situation, you can just use press and seal plastic wrap to cover up your cup from the top. In the end you can put a straw through that plastic wrap and you are done with the worry. 


4. Bubble wand keeps on falling into the bottle? Attach a hair clip to tackle it


Kids love making bubbles. Sadly, the bubble wand keeps on falling into the bottle. In this case, you can attach a hair clip with the bubble wand to stop it from falling into the bottle again and again.


5. Attach a sticker on each shoe of your kid and then they will know which is for which foot.


Kids surely have no idea about how to wear the shoes. You can make life easy for them by cutting a sticker into half and putting one half on each of their shoes. Then they will certainly know about the left and right shoe.


6. Get a hook on the back of your kid’s chair to hang their bibs 


Taking care of all the bibs is much harder task than you think. Fortunately, you can stick a hook on the back of the chair on which you kid eats the meal. By sticking a hook, you can hang all the bibs really close to your kid.


7. Store the pacifiers in a condiment cup to keep them germs free


Kids cherish pacifiers the most. Keeping them clean is the hardest task for the parents. No worries, you can keep the pacifiers in a condiment cup to keep it clean and easy to use again.


8. Make a mark to cease your kid from wasting toilet paper 


Kids love to waste the toilet paper, and create a mess in the washroom. To stop them, you can create a mark to set the limit of using the toilet paper.


9. Utilize coffee filters as snack bowls for your kid


When in a hurry, it’s hectic to find a snack bowl for your kid. In this case, you can use the coffee filters to create and ease for your kid and yourself too.


10. Add a rubber band to the dispenser’s head to stop your little kids from wasting all the soap and lotions in the house.


Kids usually don’t stop whenever they are taking out soap or lotions from any bottle. You can attach a rubber band to the dispenser’s head so the children pour out very little soap and lotions.


 11. Spray the tangled hairs of the doll with fabric softener


Hairs of the dolls get tangled really frequently, you can spray them with fabric softener and water. Furthermore, rinse out and brush them until they get smooth.


12. Make a universal pouch for your kids


Always keep your children’s toys, shoes and water bottles in a sequence, so then you don’t need to ascertain every single thing of your child.


13. You should attach cups to your fridge with a pair of magnets to make easy access. 


Children are always trying to get a drink of water for a certain cup. You should attach cups to your fridge with a couple of magnets to make easy entry. Much cooler if you have a water dispenser in your freezer.


14. Get fake snow from almost any Dollar General.

Add a few new pets and you can have a whole afternoon of play, especially for kids who never get to play in real snow.


15. Comfy too is the ideal for the kids with a lot of stuffed animals and little space for them. 


Turn them into a chair with a little piece of fabric or cheap sheets! They’re going to love sitting comfortably while they’re looking at their favorite cartoon.

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