30 Swimming Pools Ideas for Your Home


Swimming pools are a sign of luxury. In most resorts and hotels, all over the world, you will find swimming pools of various kinds. You can have plain swimming pools, design swimming pools, Jacuzzis or even swimming pools with waterfalls.

The best thing about having a swimming pool, is that you can take a dip in it anytime during the day, and nothing is more relaxing than that. Especially during the summer months, swimming pools bring in a huge sigh of relief.

Here are 30 amazing swimming pool designs that would look absolutely amazing in your home.

30 Swimming Pools for Your Home

1. Swimming Pool with a stone waterfall

You can have a swimming pool with a stone waterfall nearby. This will add a classy effect to the whole thing. www.pooldeckorlando.com will help you achieve this stone waterfall or other pool deck designs you like that will definitely transform your home. They also offer pool deck repair and stamped concrete for solutions, and improvement.


2. Fireplace

You can also have a beautiful fireplace by the swimming pool. This will bring in a wonderful aesthetic appeal to the whole structure. 


3. Stone Courtyard

You can also have a swimming pool set in a stone courtyard. Some plants and trees could also add in the effect. 

4. The Resort Feel

This swimming pool design resembles a relaxing resort in some corner of the world. This is not only clean, but also edgy by its design.

5. Double Pool with a Lit room

This place has two swimming pools, with one that looks like a stone bathtub. There is also a lit tile-roof room nearby for relaxation. 

6. The Villa Swimming Pool

A villa on the side of a swimming pool looks aesthetic, especially with proper lighting. 


7. The Reverse Z

This swimming pool is built like a reverse Z. With proper lighting and colours, this could actually look quite modern and stylish. 

8. The Movie Mania

A Movie Screen in front of the swimming pool sounds ecstatic doesn’t it? This swimming pool has a large movie screen placed right in front for you to have a wonderfully relaxed evening. 

9. The Marble-Stone Flooring

This swimming pool is set in a marble-stone flooring, which adds to the classy appeal.


10. The Modern Housing

This swimming pool design is accompanied with a classy, modern two-storeyed home. This gives a wonderful, luxurious ambience to the whole deal.

11. The Open Courtyard

This swimming pool is set beside a large room, connecting the main building, with no doors. 


12. The Neon Waterfall

This swimming pool is accompanied with a stunning neon waterfall. 

13. The Empty Storytellers

This swimming pool is situated in the middle of a large yet comparatively empty courtyard. 

14. The Stone Circle

This swimming pool is set between a stone structure with medium sized stone walls. This gives the whole thing a fantastic appeal. 

15. The Multicoloured Combo

This swimming pool is set between a small hut with a great garden, and is adorned with numerous colours. 

16. The Glass Wall

This swimming pool has a glass wall beside it, and is very brightly lit. 

17. The Bathroom outlet

The bathroom directly leads to this classic open swimming pool, which is perfectly lit for a relaxing evening. 

18. Palm Trees

This swimming pool is fantastically set between a garden filled with palm trees of all kinds. 

19. The Blue Hue

The best thing about this swimming pool is the bright blue colour it radiates. 

20. The Open Wooden Courtyard

The best thing about this swimming pool is its setting and the wooden benches. 

21. The Blue-White Combo

This Swimming Pool is set in a wonderful blue-white combo. 

22. The Light yellow

The colour combination for this swimming pool design is majorly light yellow. 


23. The Wood Cottage

This swimming pool is accompanied with a wooden cottage. 

24. Thatched Roofs

This swimming pool is accompanied by a large house with thatched roofs and palm trees. 

25. The White-Blue Hue

The colour combination for this swimming pool is white and light blue. 

26. The Thin Fireplace

This swimming pool is accompanied by slim fireplaces across the border. 

27. The Black Matte

This swimming pool is surrounded with structures painted matte black. The blue waters add a fantastic effect to the whole thing. 

28. The Central Stairs

This Swimming pool has central stairs going straight into it. 

29. The Sunset View

The best thing about this swimming pool is the open waters and the wonderful sunset in front of it. 

30. The Green-Yellow Combination

This swimming is set in the green-yellow combination. 


All of these swimming pools are fantastic, and are accompanied with relaxing spas and housing nearby, for an all-round effect.

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