25 Flower Tattoos to Make Your Skin a Living Garden

25 Flower Tattoos to Make Your Skin a Living Garden

Sometimes we tattoo ourselves simply for aesthetics and we give more importance to the design than to the meaning of what we want to engrave on our skin. That’s fine.

But if what you’re looking for is a tattoo that represents a feeling or a moment of your life, flowers are the perfect element since, in addition to being a beautiful adornment, they are endowed with different meanings: from beauty to strength.

1. Designs with flowers are infinite

2. You can tattoo yourself by mere aesthetics

3. Well the flowers are a nice ornament

4. But floral tattoos have special meanings

5. There are people for whom they symbolize delicacy

6. Beauty

7. Femininity

8. O fragility

9. For others, they mean overcoming

10. Because there are flowers that, even in hostile places, manage to grow

11. And that’s why they feel identified

12. There are flowers that have a specific meaning

13. Like the cherry blossom that represents femininity and hope

14. Daisies mean simplicity

15. Sunflowers symbolize light in life

16. Peonies are associated with happiness and beauty

17. And the thoughts are perfect to remember someone

18. Not only can you wear them on your skin as the centerpiece

19. You can also use them as an ornament

20. They are the perfect complement for your tattoo

21. You can combine them with any other design

22. To enhance the beauty of a grim tattoo

23. Flowers are versatile

24. And they adapt to any idea you want to represent

25. Imagine having a garden in your body!

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