81 Flower Tattoos to Make Your Skin a Living Garden


Flowers are a symbol of women, grace, beauty, and love.  Floral tattoos have the power to symbolize ideas, feelings, and their language has a special meaning. People love flowers for centuries, and now the flowers are a source of inspiration. 

Almost all flower tattoos are works of art; their color, location, size, and design reflect the human personality—usually, flower tattoos to express friendship, remembrance, gratitude, and love. Often, flowers reflect a feminine character. Many men prefer flower tattoos because of their spectacular design.

1. Designs with flowers are infinite

2. You can tattoo yourself by mere aesthetics

3. Well the flowers are a nice ornament

4. But floral tattoos have special meanings

5. There are people for whom they symbolize delicacy

6. Beauty

7. Femininity

8. O fragility

9. For others, they mean overcoming

10. Because there are flowers that, even in hostile places, manage to grow

11. And that’s why they feel identified

12. There are flowers that have a specific meaning

13. Like the cherry blossom that represents femininity and hope

14. Daisies mean simplicity

15. Sunflowers symbolize light in life

16. Peonies are associated with happiness and beauty

17. And the thoughts are perfect to remember someone

18. Not only can you wear them on your skin as the centerpiece

19. You can also use them as an ornament

20. They are the perfect complement for your tattoo

21. You can combine them with any other design

22. To enhance the beauty of a grim tattoo

23. Flowers are versatile

24. And they adapt to any idea you want to represent

25. Imagine having a garden in your body!

26. Rose tattoos

The most loved flower, the rose, is the symbol of love and beauty.  A pink rose stands for grace and elegance; the coral rose shows desire. 

27. Anemone

The windflower, the anemone, has deep colors, such as red, white, and blues. People believe that the anemone protects from evil. The flower is the symbol of power.

28. Azalea

Azalea is a symbol of a woman in Chinese culture. It also shows passion. The beauty is this floral tattoo lies in the color’s fusion. The design looks surprising on the shoulder.

29. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos enhance the appeal and always look elegant. Soft colors, delicate design, the tattoo creates a beautiful look on your shoulder.

30. Sunflower tattoo

Bold yellow color, gray, and green shades make a sunflower tattoo pop. With more elements, a sunflower tattoo has a striking effect. The design uses only a few colors and shadows; the 3D effect is fantastic.

31. Orchid tattoo

The orchid tattoo is more and more popular because of its many meanings. In Japan, the flower is the symbol of strength and courage; in China, people like the orchid because it is the symbol of refinement and fertility.

32. Daisy tattoo

The design is simple; daisy still means faith, purity, and love.

33. Bouquet tattoo

A generous bouquet of different vivid colored flowers represents optimism and faith.

34. A simple flower tattoo

A simple, delicate flower can impress more than a complicated, elaborated, and sophisticated bouquet.

35. Sophisticated bouquet tattoo

No matter your preferences in flowers, this bouquet will impress every woman. Delicate colors and shapes symbolize love, beauty, and prosperity.

36. Poppy floral tattoo

Poppy has bold shades and captures the shoulder look in a second. The beauty of this tattoo stands up whatever it appears. The red is not too vivid, it is warm, and the newspaper shadow makes the design shine on the woman’s skin. 

The word “lethe” has a dramatic significance: it is the name of the river in Hades. Souls forget life on earth when drunk. 

37. Pansy floral tattoo

Pansy flower is a delicate flower with beautiful colors. It is the symbol of grace, beauty, and love. Purple and brown blend well to make you smile every time you see your tattoo. You may consider the pansy flower design simple, but it takes patience, time, and skills to have a pansy on your arm.

38. Lavender Tattoo

Beautiful, discrete, delicate, in natural colors. The lavender tattoo is perfect for women who like flowers and tattoos, but like being unobtrusive and subtle.

39. Colorful flower tattoo

A rose and a yellow sunflower are the symbol of hope, a new beginning, and vitality. Perfect for a woman loving sports.

40. Floral heart tattoo

Cute flowers into a heart shape make the tattoo unique and different.

41. Small bouquet tattoo

The flowers create an attractive appeal. The colors combined in a beautiful, delicate tattoo make an excellent image.

42. Cute small flower

A small flower tattoo is more and more popular. Girls love simple flowers, looking delicate and cute.

43. Small flower tattoo

This tiny tattoo is perfect for women who never had a tattoo. The woman will remain calm during the execution of the work. She will have the opportunity to want something more meaningful if she wants to express her personality with a tattoo.

44. Small Rose Tattoo

For a woman, there is nothing better than a tattoo on the wrists. This kind of tattoo is feminine; they are a cute piece of art. Girls are fans of small flower tattoos, never going out of fashion.

45. Ceva tattoo

Small flower tattoo is cute and straightforward, timeless, and can withstand the test time. Some people can believe that flower tattoos are not popular anymore, but these tattoo designs are still the most popular all over the world.

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