20+ Clever IKEA Planter Ideas & Hacks To Upgrade Your Patio


IKEA hacks are favorites of mine! I just get such a thrill from turning the ordinary into an incredible new development. Whether you’ve ever shopped with IKEA then you know they’ve got everything, literally.

They even have stuff that is useful for your garden. Well, these aren’t necessarily built for your garden but with a few great IKEA hacks, you can turn so many ordinary things into wonderful pieces for your garden and lawn, and I’ve got a great list of 12 IKEA hacks for your garden to get you started.

1. Colorful Colander

Source: home maker, Kalyn Brooke

The best thing about this hanging GEMAK Colander hack is if you water the plants too much the holes in the bottom suck out excess water.

2. Go Garden


IKEA has this beautiful bar cart with a few shelves and it’s perfect for repurposing into a succulent planter. You have so much room in this bar cart to plant those little succulents and it’s easy to push around where you want it to be.

3. Bamboo Planter


This planter was originally a dish kit, but now it’s a standout piece for your backyard. It is an amazing idea for a plant, bamboo and succulents look like they belong to each other.

4. Wall Cover


A few wooden panels and a few hooks will allow you to build a magnificent climbing garden. For spaces that need some light, this is a perfect little garden.

5. Stacking Two Pots

This hack is one of the easiest and prettiest. Just stack two KARDEMUMMA Plant Pot over each other and there you go ! You have a bigger Pot !

6. Organizer Planter


Instead of loading this IKEA organizer with what it is supposed to carry — plastic bags — when you use it as a vertical farm for fresh fruit it takes a brand new life outback.

7. Portable Garden


A portable garden means you can put your plant inside when the weather begins to cool down. To water, you just need to open the door. You can use BORRBY lanterns to make one like in the example.

8. Railing Upgrade

When two of IKEA’s MOLGER floating shelves are combined, you get this classic plant stand which is literally designed for someone with a tiny balcony.

9. Wall Mount


If you are done with your IKEA LACK table. Turn the famous piece into a wall-mounted graphic garden — a clever wire grid will hold the soil and succulents in place.

10. Shower Caddy


If you have a little patio turn the surrounding walls into your garden, rather than taking up valuable ground space. That way, you’re going to have as much greenery, plus a lot of walking space.

11. Lantern Garden


This beautiful lantern planter might not get you some light but It will energize your atmosphere quite well.

12. Window Box Planter

You can use IKEA ANTONIOUS for this hack. This one is very good. You just have to cut the wiring down the middle and push the sides around the railing on a deck.

13. LACK Planter

Source: craftberrybush, kathymayandsilas

There are so many perfect ways to make use of IKEA furniture to create your own planters. And this is another one of them. You can use a Lacquer table to make a vertical succulent garden. You can hang It everywhere.

14. Window Garden


Another great hack. Buy an ORE shower curtain tension rod, a cutlery caddy and S hooks. This is very easy to make and you can hang them to your kitchen window so they can get some sun and you can use them whenever you cook.

15. Wire Bowl Planter


You can make this with a wire fruit bowl which you can acquire from IKEA. It is a great idea to use the wire bowl to add style to any pot.

16. Planter Stands

Source: sugarandcloth

By adding some legs to your terra cotta or ceramic planters you can get your plants off the ground to protect them also they look very stylish and remind the sweet colors ‘50s.

17. Storage Bench Planter


These IKEA storage benches are always lovely and I love them even more after I learned that you can turn them into planters, easily. If you want to plant more, you can also use the bigger benches.They work amazingly.

18. Wooden Plant Stand


This staggered plant stand is fantastic and can be used indoors or outdoors. That would be perfect on a porch or roof. You might actually do any of these, and if you have the rooms, put them on either side of your front door.

19. Tripod Planter

Source: lonny, inhonorofdesign

If you want some color around your sitting area this is a great way to do It. Use this DIY tripod planter. Get a Rundling bowl from IKEA and add them to your legs. That’s It.

20. Wine Rack Planter


If you want to make a little herb garden, use IKEA VURM wine rack. It is very easy to make and galvanized buckets can be used as planters.


There you go 20 IKEA planter hacks to upgrade your patio. You can easily make these hacks and they will evolve the way you garden. They are very comfortable and easy to use.


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